The resources in this section apply to Flash devices in general.

Web Sites

Flash Enabled

The official web site for the book, as well as the top resource on Flash and device news and content.

Pocket PC Flash

This is the single best resource for Pocket PC Flash content and tutorials available. Flash on Devices Resources

Flash Player for Pocket PC

This is the official Macromedia/Pocket PC Flash Player site. It has links to the latest player downloads, authoring kits, resources, and content.

Pocket PC Flash Player FAQ

Forums/Mailing Lists

Flash Handhelds


The official Macromedia forum for Flash on devices. It can be accessed via a newsgroup or web forum. Flash & Devices forum

General Flash Resources

Flash Documentation

This includes the official documentation for Flash 3, 4, 5, and Flash MX.

Flash Support Area

This is the first site you should visit when trying to find an answer to your Flashrelated questions.


One of the top Flash community sites and an excellent Flash resource.


This is another great Flash community resource site with tons of downloadable examples and files.

ActionScript: The Definitive Guide

Colin Moock: O'Reilly Press

The single best resource on Flash ActionScript.

This is a very good site for tutorials and resources on ActionScript.

Macromedia Designer and Developer Center

This site offers news, information, articles, tutorials, and all Macromedia products.

Mailing Lists


A great mailing list founded and run by Branden Hall focusing solely on ActionScript.

Flash Newbie

A mailing list sponsored and run by FigLeaf software focusing on users new to Flash.


This is an active general Flash mailing list.

Chinwag Flashers

This is another very good general Flash mailing list.


Flash Assist

FlashAssist lets you open Flash content on your Pocket PC in three different window sizes:

240x268: Standard window with menu bar

240x295: Extended window, no menu bar

240x320: Full screen

Remote Display Control for Pocket PC

This application allows a Pocket PC display to be displayed and controlled from a desktop/laptop computer. This is extremely useful when developing Flash applications for the Pocket PC, as well as for taking screenshots.

Pocket PC Developer PowerToys

These are useful apps for use on Pocket PC. Includes ActiveX plug-ins for Pocket IE, that give information about the device, as well as one that makes it easy to execute files from Pocket IE and also Flash.

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