Using Your Apple ID

Once you have your Apple ID set up, you use it with Apple's ordering services. It's also useful if you want to use some of Apple's online tech support services or order from the iTunes Music Store or Apple Store. iPhoto usually remembers your Apple ID, but if not, you can always sign in manually.

To sign in using your Apple ID:


In one of iPhoto's Order windows (for prints, books, cards, or calendars), click either the Account Info button or the Set Up Account button to display the Apple Account Sign-in dialog (Figure 6.14 on the previous page).


Enter your Apple ID and password, and then click the Sign In button.

iPhoto displays the Account Info dialog (Figure 6.16).

Figure 6.16. Verify and change your Apple ID settings in the Account Info dialog.


If 1-Click purchasing is turned off, select the Enable 1-Click Purchasing checkbox.


Verify that everything else looks correct (if not, click the Edit button next to the incorrect data and make the necessary corrections), and then click Done.


  • You can switch between Apple IDs using the method above with two sets of email addresses and passwords. This is handy if multiple people want to order items on separate accounts.

  • You can add additional shipping addresses by clicking Edit Shipping in the Account Info dialog, choosing Add New Address from the pop-up menu, and filling in the details in the dialog that appears (Figure 6.17). Switch between the addresses by choosing the desired one from the Ship To pop-up menu in an Order window.

    Figure 6.17. To enter a new shipping address, choose Add New Address from the Address pop-up menu, and then enter the new address in the Edit Shipping Addresses dialog.

Forgotten Passwords

If you forget your password, enter your email address in the Apple ID field in the Apple Account Sign-in dialog, click the Forgot Password button, and go through the necessary Web pages. Apple sends you an email message containing your password.

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