Stabilizing the Project

This is the final stage in the delivery of the CMS engagement. This step involves deploying the site to the production environment, system testing the site in that environment, and keeping backup copies of the project. This is also the stage at which the final Web site is launched.

At this point, your Web site should be fully installed, tested, designed, and operational. Training for end users should have been completed at this point, and training for any personnel who will now assume management of the site should have been completed as well.

Future Releases for Your Web Site

As your site content and focus change, you will need to have your templates and navigation elements updated accordingly. Remember that you can implement additional, specific releases without reworking the entire site. Be sure to create a process of continual improvement, scheduling regular releases and updates to add functionality without undertaking an entirely new project. Timeliness can be important in many sites, so having a methodical, regular plan in place to meet the changing demands of the site will help keep your site up-to-date and focused on your core business functions. Here is a sample outline for this phase in your planning documents:

  1. The stabilizing and monitoring phase

    1. Testing

    2. Site deployment

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