IIS Performance

As you know, CMS is not a Web server. The pages sent to a browser client are all coming from IIS. Based on this fact alone, it is important to ensure that your IIS server is optimized for performance. Keeping this in mind, you can make some CMS-specific changes that will provide performance gains.

The best candidate for IIS performance gains applies only to read-only sites. As mentioned earlier, the best deployment scenario for CMS performance is to separate the authoring servers from the production servers. If your site is deployed in this architecture, you will also be able to set your production servers to be read-only. As mentioned earlier, simply setting the server to read-only will result in a performance gain. However, given this scenario, you have an additional option.

If your CMS server is running as read-only, it is possible for you to remove one of the CMS ISAPI filters. The Resolution HTML Packager filter is only used when CMS authors are comparing different historical versions of content. If your site is read-only, you can safely remove this filter and benefit from a small increase in performance.

The filter can be removed from within the Internet Information Services Manager. From this interface, go to your Web site properties. Once there, you can click on the ISAPI Filters tab and remove the filter.

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Microsoft Content Management Server 2002: A Complete Guide
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