179. Set iFolder Preferences

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You can review your iFolder account settings and set preferences related to synchronization between your local iFolder and the iFolder server. Settings and preferences are accessed via the Novell iFolder dialog box.

Open Account Information

Select the iFolder icon in the top pane of the NLD desktop. Then select Account Information. This opens the Account Information tab of the Novell iFolder dialog box.

Review User Information

The Account Information tab provides all the information related to your user ID, iFolder, and the iFolder server that you use. The amount of space available on the server and the amount of space that you have used are also provided on this tab.

Set Preferences

Select the Preferences tab. The Automatic Sync check box is enabled by default. If you want to turn off Automatic Sync, clear the check box (only do this if advised to do so by your network administrator). You can also change the default timing for the synchronization delay (the delay between changes to the local iFolder and synchronizing with the server) and the syncing interval, which is the time between sync operations from the server. You can change these timings as needed using the spinner boxes provided. If you want the iFolder client to remember your password, select the Remember Password check box.

Any changes that you make to the settings should be applied by selecting Apply. After you have finished working with the dialog box, you can close it.

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