Chapter 13. Playing Live

Computers open up new performance techniques that were never possible before. But creating a dynamic, spontaneous performance paradoxically requires lots of preplanning, and what makes a good performance rig depends on your musical vision. With approaches ranging from DJing to playing live instruments with computerized backing tracks, making your digital music road-ready is a many- faceted challenge.


Playing Live

We'll look at the range of possibilities:

  • How to play soft synths onstage, including switching between sounds, playing multiple instruments at once, and playing patterns

  • Using live audio inputs and effects with real-time control

  • Synchronizing multiple pieces of software, computers, and outboard equipment

  • Triggering live arrangements, from simple backing tracks to elaborate combinations of audio loops , samples, and MIDI clips

  • Live sampling

  • DJing with a computer; cueing with headphones

  • Using a vinyl turntable for scratching and control

  • Creating custom software using modular software environments

Essential Terms

  • Clips and one-shots

  • Cross- faders and segues

  • Cueing and beat matching

  • Distributed computing

  • Patcher interfaces

Where to Start

Try some basic synth hosting and playing, setting up software so you can quickly access sounds and controls. Experiment with Ableton Live on the disc for interactive arrangements and DJing. When you're ready, dive into more advanced custom projects in Max, Pd, and Reaktor.

Real World Digital Audio
Real World Digital Audio
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