Companion CD-ROM

This book offers a companion CD-ROM that includes an exclusive 90-day evaluation copy of XMLSPY 5 Enterprise Edition. When you run the installer for this special version of XMLSPY 5, all example files used in this book are installed as the default project when you launch the application. If you happen to already have XMLSPY installed on your system, you can still access the example files by locating the XMLSPY Handbook.spp file (a project file) from the CD and copying it (and the subsequent subdirectories) to your local file system. Then open the project file by choosing Project ’ Open Project. The CD also contains various related XML software programs, including various XSLT processors and XML processing APIs that can enhance the capabilities of the XMLSPY editing environment. See Appendix D for a complete listing of third-party software included on the CD-ROM.

The XMLSPY Handbook
The Official XMLSPY Handbook
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