Chapter 8. Project 5: News Aggregator

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In this chapter, we'll build a news-gathering application using Quartz, an open source Java job scheduler. Quartz, which is available at, provides sophisticated timing and tracking of web service data retrieval from different sources. Some of these have been covered in other chapters of this book, including Amazon, Google, eBay, and RSS. In effect, you will build a data aggregator a system that pools and caches data from the Internet, presenting it in a coherent whole.

This project leverages the code used in prior chapters to access remote web services in particular, the web service interfaces to Amazon, Google, and eBay as shown in Chapter 4. Once you have established communication with a web service, you can often leverage that connectivity in new ways, presenting the information to users in different ways or even adding entirely new lines of business.

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    Real World Web Services
    Real World Web Services
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