Extension Conflicts

While third-party extensions can be very beneficial (and many can often be great time-savers), occasionally you may encounter issues with extensions conflicting with each other. In the same way that your car occasionally needs a tune-up, you may have to examine your extensions if you have many installed and you begin to experience browser problems. If you notice any problems, the first place you should look is your list of installed extensions. Just like when your mechanic has to troubleshoot a problem, you may have to disable or uninstall each extension to uncover the extension that is problematic. Remember that Firefox does not have control over third-party extensions, and the Firefox developers cannot resolve issues with third-party extensions. If you are having difficulty with a particular extension, contact the extension author or visit one of the many forums available (referenced in Chapter 1, "Getting Started") that can help you with the issue you are experiencing.

    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage (Garage Series)
    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage
    ISBN: 0131870041
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    Year: 2003
    Pages: 185

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