Believe It

Life is full of challenges. Theres no limit to how many of them will come your way, so get ready, be ready, and stay ready. As I heard Garrison Keillor say on the radio recently, Life is like warif things get too quiet, youre losing. Of course he was making a joke, but the truth is that when the road gets too smooth, you have the tendency to become complacent. You wont be able to know what youre made of and grow stronger if everything in your life comes easily without bumps that challenge you to find new ways to resolve issues. If all of your relationships evolved perfectly and you never had any arguments, disagreements , or even differences of opinion, youd never learn anything. You wouldnt be equipped to successfully handle difficult situations and, in essence, youd be defeated. The fact of the matter is that challenges are a part of life, but God can use them to make you a better person by sharpening the qualities within you that are able to overcome those obstacles.

In the corporate world today, businesses want to increase profits, improve productivity, and reduce overhead. Many of my friends who work in this environment are called upon to do more with lesstheyre working longer hours with the same pay and fewer resources. Unfortunately, many of the companies they work for are being downsized or right- sized out the doorso for my friends, facing this type of challenge can be handled only by having the right attitude and the ability to know theyll get through it. Almost everyone I know who ever lost a job looks back on the experience as a gift and a door to a better, greater opportunity.

Challenges break you out of your mold and help develop your character. And its through them that life hands you new opportunities for success that you may never have experienced otherwise .

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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