Appendix A. Google Tools and Services

A. Google Tools and Services

Google isn't a single site; it's a family of tools and services. Here's a quick list of its most important services and tools and where to find them.

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What It Is


Apple-specific search

Search for anything related to Apple products


Google's blogging service

BSD-specific search

Search for anything to do with Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), a version of the Unix operating system


Find bargains online


Google's email service

Google Alerts

Get news and search results via email

Google Answers

For-pay service for getting answers to questions

Google Blog Search

Search through blogs

Google Book Search

Search through the contents of books or

Google Catalogs

Online versions of shopping catalogs

Google Desktop

Use the power of Google to search your PC

Google Directory

Browse the Web by category

Google Earth

Travel in 3D around the world

Google Groups

Search through discussion boards, called newsgroups, and set up newsgroups of your own

Google Help Center

Page with links to dozens of specialized Google search sites

Google Image Search

Search for images

Google Labs

Services and features Google is working on

Google Language Tools

Translate web pages and text between languages

Google Local

Get maps, directions, and local information

Google News

News-tracking site

Google Reader

Google's RSS reader

Google Scholar

Search through scholarly journals

Google Software Downloads

Central location for downloading Google tools

Google Talk

Google's instant messaging program

Google Toolbar

Puts Google features on your browser's toolbar

Google University Search

Search through university websites

Google Video

Search and display news and other videos

Google Zeitgeist

List of most popular Google search terms

Linux-specific search

Search for anything to do with Linux

Microsoft-specific search

Search for anything related to Microsoft products


Google's downloadable image-management software


Google Labs has a new feature called Google Suggest. Go to and start typing a search term. As you type, Google pops up a list of suggested matches from which you can choose. Note that at press time, this feature was in Google Labs, so it might or might not be available long term.

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