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the supply chain imperative: how to ensure ethical behavior in your global suppliers
The Supply Chain Imperative: How to Ensure Ethical Behavior in Your Global Suppliers
by Dale Neef   ISBN:0814407838
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This book helps companies avoid costly litigation and potentially devastating injury to reputation brought on by violations of law and ethical norms.

Table of Contents
The Supply Chain Imperative
Chapter One - Strategic Concerns
Chapter Two - The Extended Global Supply Chain: New Problems and New Responsibilities
Chapter Three - Risky Business
Chapter Four - Companies Behaving Badly
Chapter Five - The SEAAR Movement
Chapter Six - Who Is in Charge Here? Organizational Responsibilities for an Ethical Supply Chain Program
Chapter Seven - The Corporate Ethics and Risk Management Framework
Chapter Eight - Choosing an Aspirational Code of Conduct
Chapter Nine - Creating a Case for Action
Chapter Ten - Choosing Performance and Process Standards
Chapter Eleven - Creating Measurable and Verifiable Indicators of Performance
Chapter Twelve - Building Awareness and Support for Codes and Standards
Chapter Thirteen - The Supplier Program
Chapter Fourteen - The Audit Process
Chapter Fifteen - Compliance Issues
Chapter Sixteen - Reporting Your Good Work ” Moving Toward Triple-Bottom-Line Accounting
Chapter Seventeen - Systems to Monitor and Audit Social and Environmental Performance Within the Supply Chain
Chapter Eighteen - Pulling It All Together: The Switcher/Prem Case Study
Final Thoughts
Appendix A - Corporate Responsibility Initiatives in Europe
Appendix B - Sample Farm Description Questionnaire
Appendix C - Sample Audit Checklist
Appendix D - The Sustainable Development Commission™s Sector Strategy Self-Assessment
Appendix E - Sample Company Self-Assessment
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List of Tables
List of Case Studies
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Like many companies in all industries, yours is making an admirable new commitment to higher ethical standards. You ve worked hard to build or restore your reputation and the trust of your stakeholders. But all your best efforts may be undermined if the many links in your supply chain do not follow suit.

The Supply Chain Imperative helps your organization avoid costly litigation and blots on its reputation brought on by violations of law and ethical norms. Author Dale Neef has created a framework any business can use for monitoring, reporting, and improving performance of suppliers on environmental, social, and other issues. It ensures that your company s ethical mandate is understood and implemented along the entire length of the chain. This timely book clarifies:

  • The importance of maintaining an ethical supply chain
  • The new rules, problems, and responsibilities that businesses now face
  • Strategic concerns
  • How to use information technology in the ethical supply chain program
  • How to make the business case for action
  • And more

The new business imperative is to create an unambiguous culture of ethical behavior. Here is the key to making sure that mandate is followed at every turn .

About the Author

Dale Neef is a strategic management consultant specializing in corporate social responsibility and supply chain issues. A veteran of enterprise-wide change and strategy development programs with more than 40 companies worldwide, he has worked for IBM and CSC, and was a fellow at Ernst & Young s Center for Business Innovation. Founder of the Neef Ethical Supply Chain Index, he has written or edited several books on business and the economy, including e-Procurement: From Strategy to Implementation and A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing: Understanding Our Global Knowledge Economy .