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how to build an sms service
How to Build an SMS Service
by Brian Retford, Jordan Schwartz

Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: June 15, 2007

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Pages: 72



Chapter 1. Introducing SMS

Section 1.1. Message Format

Section 1.2. Definitions

Section 1.3. International Issues

Chapter 2. Types of SMS Service

Section 2.1. Notification

Section 2.2. Lookup

Section 2.3. Messaging/Social Networking

Section 2.4. Action

Section 2.5. Art

Chapter 3. SMS Interaction Design Considerations

Section 3.1. Short message length

Section 3.2. Intrusiveness

Section 3.3. High Barrier to Input

Section 3.4. Slow Interactivity

Section 3.5. Minimal Affordances

Section 3.6. Limited Character Set

Section 3.7. Always On Everywhere

Section 3.8. Store and Forward

Section 3.9. Multitasking and Stealth

Chapter 4. SMS Short Codes

Section 4.1. More Is Less

Chapter 5. SMS Fundamentals

Section 5.1. Pricing: Paying for SMS Messages

Section 5.2. Premium SMS: Getting Paid for Your Service

Chapter 6. Six Ways to Implement SMS

Chapter 7. Using an SMS Aggregator

Section 7.1. The Basics

Section 7.2. Advantages and Disadvantages

Section 7.3. Example Service: Conference Messaging

Chapter 8. Using a Smartphone as an SMS Modem

Section 8.1. The Basics

Section 8.2. Advantages and Disadvantages

Section 8.3. Example Service: Echo and Hello World Using a Smartphone

Section 8.4. Server Architecture

Section 8.5. Tips and Tricks

Chapter 9. Using Email to SMS Gateways

Section 9.1. The Basics

Section 9.2. Example Service: Weather Updates

Chapter 10. Using a Mashup: 411Sync

Section 10.1. 

Chapter 11. Using Twitter to Build a SMS Service

Section 11.1. Twitter Overview

Section 11.2. The Twitter API

Section 11.3. Advantages and Disadvantages

Section 11.4. Example Service: Echo

Chapter 12. Using Windows Live Alerts

Chapter 13. Summary




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