iLife 05: The Missing Manual

book cover
iLife '05: The Missing Manual
By David Pogue
Publisher: Pogue Press/O'Reilly
Pub Date: August 2005
ISBN: 0-596-10036-1
Pages: 744

Table of Contents   Index

The incomparable iLife '05 is the must-have multimedia suite for everyone who owns a Mac--and the envy of everyone who doesn't. iLife '05: The Missing Manual is the definitive iLife '05 book--and what should have come with the suite.

There's no better guide to your iLife experience than the #1 bestselling Macintosh author and expert--and Missing Manual series creator--David Pogue. Totally objective and utterly in-the-know, Pogue highlights the newest features, changes, and improvements of iLife '05, covers the capabilities and limitations of each program within the suite, and delivers countless goodies that you won't find anywhere else: undocumented tips, tricks, and secrets for getting the best performance out of every iLife application.

Pogue examines all five programs in iLife '05, including:

  • iTunes 4.7 . The digital jukebox software for Mac (and Windows) rips songs from music CDs onto your hard drive, organizes and plays your music collection, lets you buy songs from the iTunes Music Store, and syncs all your music with your iPod.

  • iPhoto 5 . With iPhoto 5, you can pull photos from digital cameras and then organize and present them as a slideshow, desktop picture, screen saver, email attachment, web page, DVD, printout, or hardbound photo book.

  • iMovie HD . Now you can easily import and edit video from the newest High Definition camcorders and even little flash media video cams in all the latest formats. You can turn those seemingly endless home movies into short, fun, tightly edited, top-quality highlight reels that friends and family actually beg to watch.

  • iDVD 5 . Transform your iMovie productions and digital slideshows into Hollywood-style DVDs that play on everyday DVD players.

  • GarageBand 2 . This critically acclaimed program turns a Mac into a digital music-recording studio.

With your authoritative , witty, full color , all-inclusive iLife '05: The Missing Manual at the ready, there's nothing standing between you and professional-caliber music, photos, movies, and more.

book cover
iLife '05: The Missing Manual
By David  Pogue
Publisher: Pogue Press/O'Reilly
Pub Date: August 2005
ISBN: 0-596-10036-1
Pages: 744

Table of Contents    Index

      The Missing Credits
        About the Authors
        About the Creative Team
        The Missing Manual Series
        iLife Integration
        About This Book
        The Very Basics
      Part One:   iTunes
            Chapter 1.   Getting Music Into iTunes
        Section 1.1.   A Quick Tour
        Section 1.2.   Music from CDs
        Section 1.3.   Importing Other Music Files into iTunes
            Chapter 2.   Getting Music Out of iTunes
        Section 2.1.   Playing Music
        Section 2.2.   Internet Radio
        Section 2.3.   Podcasts
        Section 2.4.   Burning a CD or DVD
        Section 2.5.   CD Covers and Printed Playlists
        Section 2.6.   Playing Songs Across a Network
        Section 2.7.   AirPort Express and AirTunes
            Chapter 3.   Managing Your Music
        Section 3.1.   Deleting Songs
        Section 3.2.   Searching for Songs
        Section 3.3.   Ratings
        Section 3.4.   Song Information
        Section 3.5.   Converting Between File Formats
        Section 3.6.   Joining Tracks
        Section 3.7.   Start and Stop Times for Songs
        Section 3.8.   Playlists
            Chapter 4.   The iTunes Music Store
        Section 4.1.   Welcome to the Music Store
        Section 4.2.   A Store Tour
        Section 4.3.   Searching and Shopping
        Section 4.4.   What to Do with Music You've Bought
        Section 4.5.   Music Store Billing
        Section 4.6.   "Books on Tape" from Audible
            Chapter 5.   The iPod Connection
        Section 5.1.   Your Very First Sync
        Section 5.2.   Variations on the Auto-Transfer Theme
        Section 5.3.   The Unspeakable Act: iPod to Mac Copying
      Part Two:   iPhoto
            Chapter 6.   Camera Meets Mac
        Section 6.1.   iPhoto Arrives
        Section 6.2.   Getting Your Pictures into iPhoto
        Section 6.3.   The Post-Dump Slideshow
        Section 6.4.   Where iPhoto Keeps Your Files
            Chapter 7.   The Digital Shoebox
        Section 7.1.   The Source List
        Section 7.2.   More on Film Rolls
        Section 7.3.   Working with Your Photos
        Section 7.4.   Albums
        Section 7.5.   Folders
        Section 7.6.   Smart Albums
        Section 7.7.   Three Useful Panels
        Section 7.8.   Information Panel: Titles, Dates, and Comments
        Section 7.9.   The Calendar
        Section 7.10.   Keywords
        Section 7.11.   Searching for Photos by Text
        Section 7.12.   The Photo Info Window
        Section 7.13.   Rate Your Photos
        Section 7.14.   Deleting Photos
        Section 7.15.   Customizing the Shoebox
            Chapter 8.   Editing Your Shots
        Section 8.1.   One-Click Fixes
        Section 8.2.   Advanced Fine-Tuning
        Section 8.3.   Using the Editing Tools
        Section 8.4.   One-Click Fixups: The Enhance Button
        Section 8.5.   Cropping
        Section 8.6.   Painting Over Freckles, Scratches, and Hairs
        Section 8.7.   Red-Eye
        Section 8.8.   B & W, Sepia
        Section 8.9.   Rotate
        Section 8.10.   The Adjust Panel
        Section 8.11.   Introduction to the Histogram
        Section 8.12.   Exposure
        Section 8.13.   Adjusting the Levels
        Section 8.14.   Brightness and Contrast Sliders
        Section 8.15.   Color Balance
        Section 8.16.   Straightening
        Section 8.17.   Sharpening
        Section 8.18.   Beyond iPhoto
        Section 8.19.   Reverting to the Original
        Section 8.20.   Editing RAW Files
            Chapter 9.   The iPhoto Slideshow
        Section 9.1.   About Slideshows
        Section 9.2.   Option-Click Slideshows
        Section 9.3.   Instant Slideshows
        Section 9.4.   Saved Slideshows
        Section 9.5.   Control Over the Show
        Section 9.6.   Slideshows and iDVD
            Chapter 10.   Prints and Books
        Section 10.1.   Making Great Prints
        Section 10.2.   Printing from iPhoto
        Section 10.3.   Ordering Prints Online
        Section 10.4.   Publishing a Photo Book
            Chapter 11.   Photos Online and on Your Network
        Section 11.1.   Emailing Photos
        Section 11.2.   Publishing Photos on the Web
        Section 11.3.   Photo Sharing on the Network
        Section 11.4.   The QuickTime Slideshow
        Section 11.5.   Building a Custom Screen Saver
        Section 11.6.   One-Click Desktop Backdrop
            Chapter 12.   iPhoto File Management
        Section 12.1.   About iPhoto Discs
        Section 12.2.   iPhoto Backups
        Section 12.3.   Managing Photo Libraries
        Section 12.4.   Merging Photo Libraries
        Section 12.5.   Beyond iPhoto
        Section 12.6.   Exporting and Converting Pictures
      Part Three:   iMovie
            Chapter 13.   Camcorder Meets Mac
        Section 13.1.   Meet Digital Video
        Section 13.2.   Connecting to FireWire
        Section 13.3.   Getting into iMovie
        Section 13.4.   Importing Camcorder Footage
        Section 13.5.   Managing Project Files
        Section 13.6.   Converting Older Projects
        Section 13.7.   How iMovie Organizes Its Files
        Section 13.8.   Magic iMovie
        Section 13.9.   Importing Footage from Non-DV Tapes
            Chapter 14.   Building the Movie
        Section 14.1.   Navigating Your Clips
        Section 14.2.   Undo, Revert, and Other Safety Nets
        Section 14.3.   The Project Trash
        Section 14.4.   Shortening Clips by Dragging
        Section 14.5.   Three Ways to Trim a Clip
        Section 14.6.   Splitting a Clip
        Section 14.7.   The Movie Track: Your Storyboard
        Section 14.8.   Tricks of the Timeline Viewer
        Section 14.9.   Playing the Movie Track
        Section 14.10.   Full-Screen Playback Mode
            Chapter 15.   Transitions and Effects
        Section 15.1.   About Transitions
        Section 15.2.   When Not to Use Transitions
        Section 15.3.   Creating a Transition
        Section 15.4.   Transitions: The iMovie Catalog
        Section 15.5.   The Effects Pane
        Section 15.6.   Effects: The iMovie Catalog
        Section 15.7.   Installing More Effects
            Chapter 16.   Titles, Captions, and Credits
        Section 16.1.   Setting Up a Title
        Section 16.2.   Inserting and Rendering a Title
        Section 16.3.   The iMovie Titles Catalog
            Chapter 17.   Narration, Music, and Sound
        Section 17.1.   The Two iMovie Soundtracks
        Section 17.2.   Audio Clips
        Section 17.3.   Recording Narration
        Section 17.4.   Importing iTunes Music
        Section 17.5.   CD Music
        Section 17.6.   Sound Effects
        Section 17.7.   Editing Audio Clips
        Section 17.8.   Overlaying Video over Sound
        Section 17.9.   Extracting Audio from Video
            Chapter 18.   Still Pictures and QuickTime Movies
        Section 18.1.   Importing Still Images
        Section 18.2.   The Dimensions of an iMovie Photo
        Section 18.3.   The Ken Burns Effect
        Section 18.4.   Still Images as Titles
        Section 18.5.   Creating Still Images from Footage
        Section 18.6.   Importing QuickTime Movies
            Chapter 19.   Finding Your Audience
        Section 19.1.   Why Export to Tape
        Section 19.2.   Transferring Footage to the Camcorder or VCR
        Section 19.3.   Exporting to a QuickTime Movie
        Section 19.4.   Posting Movies on the Web
        Section 19.5.   Movies on Your Phone
      Part Four:   iDVD
            Chapter 20.   From iMovie to iDVD
        Section 20.1.   Why iDVD?
        Section 20.2.   What You're in For
        Section 20.3.   Phase 1: Insert Chapter Markers
        Section 20.4.   Phase 2: Hand Off to iDVD
        Section 20.5.   Phase 3: Design the Menu Screen
        Section 20.6.   Phase 4: Burning Your DVD
        Section 20.7.   OneStep DVDs
            Chapter 21.   iDVD Projects by Hand
        Section 21.1.   Building iDVDs
        Section 21.2.   Creating a New Project
        Section 21.3.   Adding Movies
        Section 21.4.   Submenus ("Folders")
        Section 21.5.   The DVD Mapand Autoplay
        Section 21.6.   DVD Slideshows
            Chapter 22.   Advanced iDVD
        Section 22.1.   Designing Your Own Themes
        Section 22.2.   Button Styles
        Section 22.3.   Editing and Positioning Text
        Section 22.4.   Changing Backgrounds
        Section 22.5.   Choosing Menu Audio
        Section 22.6.   Saving Favorites
        Section 22.7.   Buying Sound and Vision
        Section 22.8.   iDVDThe DVD-ROM Maker
        Section 22.9.   Archiving Your Project
        Section 22.10.   Disk Images and External DVD Burners
        Section 22.11.   Professional Duplicating
      Part Five:   GarageBand
            Chapter 23.   Setting Up the Garage
        Section 23.1.   The Two GarageBand Challenges
        Section 23.2.   Opening GarageBand
        Section 23.3.   Playback
        Section 23.4.   Cycling (Looping)
        Section 23.5.   Navigating the Music
        Section 23.6.   Two Kinds of Music
        Section 23.7.   Tracks
        Section 23.8.   Muting and Soloing Tracks
            Chapter 24.   Loops
        Section 24.1.   Starting a New GarageBand Project
        Section 24.2.   The Loop Browser
        Section 24.3.   Placing a Loop
        Section 24.4.   More Loops
            Chapter 25.   Regions
        Section 25.1.   Selecting Regions
        Section 25.2.   Renaming Regions
        Section 25.3.   Dragging Regions
        Section 25.4.   The Grid
        Section 25.5.   Looping Regions
        Section 25.6.   Shortening Regions I
        Section 25.7.   Shortening Regions II
        Section 25.8.   Lengthening Regions
        Section 25.9.   Splitting Regions
        Section 25.10.   Joining Regions
        Section 25.11.   Copy and Paste
        Section 25.12.   Option-Drag
        Section 25.13.   Delete
        Section 25.14.   The Time Display
            Chapter 26.   Software Instruments (MIDI)
        Section 26.1.   How to Feed a Hungry GarageBand
        Section 26.2.   Your FREE! Onscreen Digital Piano
        Section 26.3.   The Mac Keyboard as Piano
        Section 26.4.   MIDI Synths and Controllers
        Section 26.5.   Recording a MIDI Track
        Section 26.6.   Retakes
        Section 26.7.   Spot Recording (Punch In/Punch Out)
        Section 26.8.   Cumulative Recording
        Section 26.9.   Mod Wheels and Other MIDI Fun
        Section 26.10.   Editing Software Instrument Parts
        Section 26.11.   Quantizing ("Align To" Button)
        Section 26.12.   Velocity, Pedaling, and Other MIDI Data
            Chapter 27.   Recording and Editing Live Audio
        Section 27.1.   The Setup
        Section 27.2.   Recording a Live Audio Track
        Section 27.3.   Editing Real Instrument Regions
        Section 27.4.   Enhance Timing, Enhance Tuning
            Chapter 28.   Effects, Guitar Amps, and Instrument Modules
        Section 28.1.   Instrument-Named Presets
        Section 28.2.   Save Instrument, Delete Instrument
        Section 28.3.   Effect Modules
            Chapter 29.   Mixing and Publishing
        Section 29.1.   Mixing Tracks
        Section 29.2.   The Master Track
        Section 29.3.   Publishing the Song
      Part Six:   Troubleshooting
            Chapter 30.   Troubleshooting iTunes
        Section 30.1.   Rule 1: Get the Latest
        Section 30.2.   Rule 2: Back Up Your Library
        Section 30.3.   Store-Bought Songs Won't Play
        Section 30.4.   Playback Problems
        Section 30.5.   Files Missing in Action
            Chapter 31.   Troubleshooting iPhoto
        Section 31.1.   Importing and Opening
        Section 31.2.   Exporting
        Section 31.3.   Printing
        Section 31.4.   Editing
        Section 31.5.   General Questions
            Chapter 32.   Troubleshooting iMovie and iDVD
        Section 32.1.   Two Golden Rules
        Section 32.2.   General iMovie Troubleshooting
        Section 32.3.   Starting Up and Importing
        Section 32.4.   Title Trouble
        Section 32.5.   Photo Problems
        Section 32.6.   Problems Editing
        Section 32.7.   Exporting Troubles
        Section 32.8.   DVD Problems
        Section 32.9.   Project Corruption
        Section 32.10.   Problems with Sound
        Section 32.11.   Relinking Missing Files
        Section 32.12.   Where to Get Help Online
            Chapter 33.   Troubleshooting GarageBand
        Section 33.1.   The Speed Problem
        Section 33.2.   Set the Stage
        Section 33.3.   Trouble with Loops
        Section 33.4.   Mixing and Publishing Glitches