GarageBand 2: The Missing Manual

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book cover
GarageBand 2: The Missing Manual
By David Pogue
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: August 2005
ISBN: 0-596-10035-3
Pages: 272

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Whether you're a professional musician or a mere novice, Apple's GarageBand software has everything you need to produce commercial-quality recordings entirely on your own. Just imagine how many thousands of singers and instrumentalists remain undiscovered because they lack the capability to produce viable demos. Well, no more.

Now there's no need to assemble a backup band or book time at a professional studio--GarageBand has it covered. And GarageBand 2: The Missing Manual gives you the know-how you need to make it all happen. It's an authoritative , witty guide to constructing digital recordings with GarageBand.

Written by the master of the Missing Manual series, and a musician himself, David Pogue, this top-selling book shows you how to maximize the program's entire set of tools. Pre-recorded loops , sampled sounds, live recordings--they're all explained in easy-to-understand language. It also shows you how to apply professional-sounding effects like reverb or chorusing, and then export the finished product to iTunes, where you can download your work to an iPod, export it as an MP3, or burn it onto CDs.

Now revised to reflect GarageBand's latest features, this book's second edition also addresses how to:

  • use GarageBand's eight-track capabilities

  • display music notation in real time

  • enhance timing and pitch for better quality recordings

  • change the tempo and key of recorded instruments

  • tune guitars with GarageBand before recording

So if you're chasing a dream or just having fun, GarageBand 2: The Missing Manual is the only resource you need to make the finest musical recordings possible.

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book cover
GarageBand 2: The Missing Manual
By David  Pogue
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: August 2005
ISBN: 0-596-10035-3
Pages: 272

Table of Contents    Index    Errata

      The Missing Credits
        About the Author
        About the Creative Team
        The Missing Manual Series
      Part I:   Building a Hit
          Chapter 1.   Setting Up the Garage
        Section 1.1.   Equipment Requirements
        Section 1.2.   Installing GarageBand
        Section 1.3.   Opening GarageBand
        Section 1.4.   Playback
        Section 1.5.   Cycling (Looping)
        Section 1.6.   Navigating the Music
        Section 1.7.   Two Kinds of Music
        Section 1.8.   Tracks
        Section 1.9.   Muting and Soloing Tracks
          Chapter 2.   Loops
        Section 2.1.   Starting a New GarageBand Project
        Section 2.2.   The Loop Browser
        Section 2.3.   Placing a Loop
        Section 2.4.   More Loops
          Chapter 3.   Regions
        Section 3.1.   Selecting Regions
        Section 3.2.   Renaming Regions
        Section 3.3.   Dragging Regions
        Section 3.4.   The Grid
        Section 3.5.   Looping Regions
        Section 3.6.   Shortening Regions I
        Section 3.7.   Shortening Regions II
        Section 3.8.   Lengthening Regions
        Section 3.9.   Splitting Regions
        Section 3.10.   Joining Regions
        Section 3.11.   Copy and Paste
        Section 3.12.   Option-Drag
        Section 3.13.   Delete
        Section 3.14.   Tutorial: Funk for Nonmusicians
          Chapter 4.   Software Instruments (MIDI)
        Section 4.1.   How to Feed a Hungry GarageBand
        Section 4.2.   Your FREE! Onscreen Digital Piano
        Section 4.3.   The Mac Keyboard as Piano
        Section 4.4.   MIDI Synths and Controllers
        Section 4.5.   Recording a MIDI Track
        Section 4.6.   Retakes
        Section 4.7.   Spot Recording (Punch In/Punch Out)
        Section 4.8.   Cumulative Recording
        Section 4.9.   Mod Wheels and Other MIDI Fun
          Chapter 5.   Editing Software Instrument Parts
        Section 5.1.   The Track Editor
        Section 5.2.   Notation Editing
        Section 5.3.   The Encyclopedia of MIDI Editing
        Section 5.4.   Transposing Notes or Regions
        Section 5.5.   Quantizing ("Align To" Button)
        Section 5.6.   Velocity, Pedaling, and Other MIDI Data
          Chapter 6.   Recording and Editing Live Audio
        Section 6.1.   The Setup
        Section 6.2.   Recording a Live Audio Track
        Section 6.3.   Editing Real Instrument Regions
        Section 6.4.   Enhance Timing, Enhance Tuning
          Chapter 7.   Effects, Guitar Amps, and Instrument Modules
        Section 7.1.   Instrument-Named Presets
        Section 7.2.   Save Instrument, Delete Instrument
        Section 7.3.   Effect Modules
      Part II:   Beyond the Garage
          Chapter 8.   Mixing and Publishing
        Section 8.1.   Mixing Tracks
        Section 8.2.   The Master Track
        Section 8.3.   Publishing the Song
        Section 8.4.   Your Music in iMovie, iPhoto, and iDVD
          Chapter 9.   Adding On, Moving Up
        Section 9.1.   Making Your Own Apple Loops
        Section 9.2.   Moving Your Loops to Another Drive
        Section 9.3.   Importing MIDI Files
        Section 9.4.   Import iTunes Music Store Songs (Soundflower)
        Section 9.5.   More Free Software Instruments (SoundFonts)
        Section 9.6.   The iSight as Microphone
        Section 9.7.   "Save as Archive"
        Section 9.8.   The Instrument Tuner
        Section 9.9.   ReWire
        Section 9.10.   Build Your Own Drum Loops (iDrum)
        Section 9.11.   Add an E-Z Chords ¢ Feature (ReMIDI)
        Section 9.12.   Beyond GarageBand
        Section 9.13.   GarageBand Online
          Chapter 10.   The Speed Chapter
        Section 10.1.   Set the Stage
        Section 10.2.   Mute Some Tracks
        Section 10.3.   Lock Some Tracks
        Section 10.4.   Temporarily Squelch the Effects
        Section 10.5.   Combine Tracks
        Section 10.6.   Enlarge Your Buffer
        Section 10.7.   Lose Some Software Instrument Voices
        Section 10.8.   Reduce the Track Overhead
        Section 10.9.   Convert Software Instrument Loops
        Section 10.10.   Turn Monitoring Off
        Section 10.11.   "Bounce Down" Many Tracks into One
        Section 10.12.   Install More Memory
          Chapter 11.   Troubleshooting
        Section 11.1.   Trouble with Loops
        Section 11.2.   Recording and Editing Problems
        Section 11.3.   Mixing and Publishing Glitches
      Part III:   Appendixes
          Appendix A.   The GarageBand Music Crash Course
        Section A.1.   Measures
        Section A.2.   The Time Signature
        Section A.3.   More About Note Values
        Section A.4.   Key
        Section A.5.   Tempo
          Appendix B.   GarageBand, Menu by Menu
        Section B.1.   GarageBand Menu
        Section B.2.   File Menu
        Section B.3.   Edit Menu
        Section B.4.   Track Menu
        Section B.5.   Control Menu
        Section B.6.   Window Menu
        Section B.7.   Help Menu
          Appendix C.   GarageBand 2 Keyboard Shortcuts
        Section C.1.   Navigating GarageBand
        Section C.2.   Manipulating Tracks
        Section C.3.   Recording
        Section C.4.   Editing and Arranging
        Section C.5.   Notation View
        Section C.6.   Window Management
        Section C.7.   File Management
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