Digital Video Hacks

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book cover
Digital Video Hacks
By Joshua Paul
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: May 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00946-1
Pages: 426

Table of Contents  | Index  | Errata


Since the dawn of film, novices and experts have used quick-and-dirty workarounds and audiovisual tricks to improve their motion pictures, from home movies to feature films. Today, the tools have certainly changed, as have the quality and scope of the results. With digital video, the hacking possibilities are now limitless, for both amateurs and professional artists. From acquiring footage, mixing, editing, and adding effects to final distribution, Digital Video Hacks provides unique tips, tools, and techniques for every stage of video production. You'll learn how to:

  • Get your projects started right using creative preparation tools and techniques,
    from making your own steadicam, boom, or dolly to effective storyboarding, timecoding, and tape labeling

  • Troubleshoot common shooting problems, including using stop-motion and time-lapse techniques, lighting effects, colored screens and gels, and household objects to establish mood or otherwise wow an audience

  • Create stunning visual effects, such as satellite zooming, surreal scenes, Matrix-like bullet-time, and green screen illusions

  • Fool your audience with audio tricks, replacing flubbed dialogue, smoothing over cuts, and covering missing audio with room tone

  • Add professional features with post-production tricks, including color correction, soundtrack cleanup, opening sequences, and DVD bookmarks

  • Distribute final content in a variety of creative ways, from exporting to basic videotape or DVD to streaming over the internet or even via cell phone

  • Use the web to provide interactivity and dynamic content, attend a remote conference, or vlog your life.

Whether you're looking for a new technique to include in your next project, a solution to a common problem, or just a little inspiration, this book reintroduces you to the digital video you only thought you knew.

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book cover
Digital Video Hacks
By Joshua Paul
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: May 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00946-1
Pages: 426

Table of Contents  | Index  | Errata

      About the Author
      Why Digital Video Hacks?
      How to Use This Book
      How This Book Is Organized
      Conventions Used in This Book
      Using Code Examples
      How to Contact Us
      Safari® Enabled
      Got a Hack?
      Chapter 1.  Prepare
      Section 1.1.  Hacks 116
      Hack 1.  Successfully Complete a Project
      Hack 2.  Keep Your Project Organized
      Hack 3.  Number Your Tapes
      Hack 4.  Black and Code a Tape
      Hack 5.  Log Using a Spreadsheet
      Hack 6.  Create a Digital Storyboard
      Hack 7.  Create a Two-Column Script
      Hack 8.  Build Your Own Apple Box
      Hack 9.  Make Your Own Slate
      Hack 10.  Control Your Camcorder Remotely
      Hack 11.  Monitor Your Camera
      Hack 12.  Protect Outdoor Cameras
      Hack 13.  Digitize Lots of Footage Quickly
      Hack 14.  Build Your Own Blue Screen
      Hack 15.  Stabilize Your Shots
      Hack 16.  Roll Your Own Dolly
      Chapter 2.  Light
      Section 2.1.  Hacks 1725
      Hack 17.  Compile a Cheap Lighting Kit
      Hack 18.  Light with Work Lights
      Hack 19.  Use Paper Lamps for Lighting
      Hack 20.  Add Diffusion to a Camcorder Light
      Hack 21.  Take Video in Total Darkness
      Hack 22.  Shoot a Green Screen Image
      Hack 23.  Shoot Clearly Through a Window
      Hack 24.  Reflect Light from a Shade
      Hack 25.  Use Clothespins Like a Professional
      Chapter 3.  Acquire
      Section 3.1.  Hacks 2638
      Hack 26.  Create a Time-Lapse Video of a Sunset
      Hack 27.  Mount Your Camera to Your Car
      Hack 28.  Slate Your Cuts
      Hack 29.  Transcode a Movie's Codec
      Hack 30.  Pantyhose Diffusion Filter for Flattering Portraits
      Hack 31.  Convert PAL to NTSC
      Hack 32.  Record a Television Screen Without Flicker
      Hack 33.  Import Footage from a DVD
      Hack 34.  Use HDV for Better DV Quality
      Hack 35.  Make a Movie Without a Camcorder
      Hack 36.  Freeze Time
      Hack 37.  Convert Analog Video to Digital Video
      Hack 38.  Create a 3D Video
      Chapter 4.  Edit
      Section 4.1.  Hacks 3950
      Hack 39.  Digicam Movie Editing Made Easy
      Hack 40.  Make Videos with Windows Movie Maker
      Hack 41.  Make a Movie Using iMovie
      Hack 42.  Rotate Your Movie from Horizontal to Vertical
      Hack 43.  Create a Submaster for Editing
      Hack 44.  Use a Television to Avoid Surprises
      Hack 45.  Convert a Closed Caption File to a Script
      Hack 46.  Make a Tough Cut Easy on Your Viewers
      Hack 47.  Create an Interactive Video Catalog
      Hack 48.  Fix Timecode Problems on an Existing Tape
      Hack 49.  Add Bookmarks to Your Movie
      Hack 50.  Create Faster DVD Navigation
      Chapter 5.  Audio
      Section 5.1.  Hacks 5160
      Hack 51.  Mobile Audio Booth
      Hack 52.  Reduce a Microphone's Wind Noise
      Hack 53.  Make Your Own Boom
      Hack 54.  Export Your Audio for Mixing
      Hack 55.  Cover Missing Audio with Room Tone
      Hack 56.  Make Your Audio Sound Better
      Hack 57.  Fool Your Audience's Perception
      Hack 58.  Get Music for Free
      Hack 59.  Wrangle Your Music and Sound Library
      Hack 60.  Cut to the Beat of Your Music
      Chapter 6.  Effects
      Section 6.1.  Hacks 6174
      Hack 61.  Give Your Video a "Film Look"
      Hack 62.  Make Your Own Weather Report
      Hack 63.  Zoom In from a Satellite
      Hack 64.  Remove an Unwanted Object
      Hack 65.  Create an Invert Effect Using Movie Maker
      Hack 66.  Turn Video into Matrix-Style Symbols
      Hack 67.  Create a Surreal Scene
      Hack 68.  Change a Scene from Day to Night
      Hack 69.  Create a Credit Flag
      Hack 70.  Composite a Green Screen Image
      Hack 71.  Create a Shadow for a Green Screen Image
      Hack 72.  Alternate Endings Based on the Time of Day
      Hack 73.  Alter a Video's Look After Editing
      Hack 74.  Expose Only One Color
      Chapter 7.  Distribute
      Hack 75.  Make a Window Burn Copy
      Hack 76.  Skin Your Movie
      Hack 77.  Determine Which Codec to Use
      Hack 78.  Play a Movie Off a CD in a DVD Player
      Hack 79.  Distribute Your Movie on DVD
      Hack 80.  Stream a DVD
      Hack 81.  Vlog Your Life
      Hack 82.  Host Your Video on a Web Site
      Hack 83.  Encode a Video to Stream on the Internet
      Hack 84.  Take Donations via PayPal
      Hack 85.  Set Up an Internet Television Station
      Hack 86.  Use BitTorrent to Distribute Your Video
      Hack 87.  Attend a Conference from Another Location
      Hack 88.  Play Your Video on a Pocket PC
      Hack 89.  Play Your Movie on a Cell Phone
      Chapter 8.  Random Fun
      Section 8.1.  Hacks 90100
      Hack 90.  Record a Streaming Video
      Hack 91.  Create a Movie Using LEGOs
      Hack 92.  See Through Walls
      Hack 93.  Rental-Car Tips and Other Auto Hacks
      Hack 94.  Save Your Presentations to DVD
      Hack 95.  Watch TV on a Palm Pilot
      Hack 96.  Back Up Your Computer to a DV Tape
      Hack 97.  Play "Movies" on an iPod photo
      Hack 98.  Inventory Your Home
      Hack 99.  Capture Life's Little Moments with Camera-Phone Video
      Hack 100.  Weekend Project: Create a Documentary
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