iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual, Fourth Edition

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book cover
iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual, Fourth Edition
By David Pogue, Derrick Story
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: March 2005
ISBN: 0-596-10034-5
Pages: 400

Table of Contents   Index   CD-ROM   Errata


Our Missing Manual is hands-down the bestselling book on iPhoto. And now, updated to cover Apple's newest release, iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual comes fully loaded--and in full color --so you can exercise all the power, flexibility, and creativity of the stunning new iPhoto 5.

Some of iPhoto 5's fifty new features are tiny nips and tucks, such as menu rewordings, quiet refinements, and secret keystrokes that take most people days to stumble through. Others are big-ticket overhauls aimed at both power users (RAW-file import and editing, color correction sliders, real-time histogram) and everyday shutterbugs (nested file folders, individual-photo control in slideshows, and a completely rewritten book-layout kit). Additional improvements include a robust search feature (similar to that of iTunes) and the addition of "objects" for slideshow and book projects (using objects, you can manipulate images without affecting pictures in your master library).

iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual covers them all with the scrupulous objectivity, clever wit, and technical wisdom you count on from David Pogue along with the Mac and digital photography expertise of Derrick Story.

Their authoritative guide starts out with a crash course on digital photography, complete with tutorials on buying a digital camera, composing brilliant photos in various situations (including sports photography, portraits, nighttime photography--even kid photography!) and making digital movies. iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual then launches into every detail of iPhoto, from camera-meets-Mac basics to storing, searching, and editing; from sharing your digital photography with the world (via customized slideshows--complete with iTunes soundtrack, if you like--prints, photo books, email, the Web, and even your network) to exporting to QuickTime and iDVD. And don't forget iPhoto "stunts," such as building custom screen savers and desktop backdrops; exporting pictures; making the most of plug-ins, add-ons, and beef-ups; using AppleScript; and managing files with backups , CDs, and photo libraries.

iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual gives you everything you need to become the digital photographer extraordinaire you want to be.

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book cover
iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual, Fourth Edition
By David  Pogue, Derrick  Story
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: March 2005
ISBN: 0-596-10034-5
Pages: 400

Table of Contents    Index    CD-ROM    Errata

      The Missing Credits
        About the Authors
        About the Creative Team
        The Missing Manual Series
        About This Book
        The Very Basics
      Part I:   Digital Cameras: The Missing Manual
        Chapter 1.   Welcome to Digital Photography
        Section 1.1.   Meet Digital Photography
        Section 1.2.   Buying a Digital Camera
        Chapter 2.   Composing Brilliant Photos
        Section 2.1.   Composition
        Chapter 3.   Beyond the Simple Snapshot
        Section 3.1.   Action Photography
        Section 3.2.   Portraits
        Section 3.3.   Existing-Light Portraits
        Section 3.4.   Self-Portraits
        Section 3.5.   Kid Photography
        Section 3.6.   Theater Performances
        Section 3.7.   Underwater Photography
        Section 3.8.   Travel Photography
        Section 3.9.   Outdoor Portraits
        Section 3.10.   Indoor Flash
        Section 3.11.   Twilight Portraits
        Section 3.12.   Landscape and Nature
        Section 3.13.   Sunsets
        Section 3.14.   Weddings
        Section 3.15.   Photographing Objects
        Section 3.16.   Nighttime Photography
        Section 3.17.   Time-Lapse Photography
        Section 3.18.   Digital Movies
        Section 3.19.   Cameraphone Photography
      Part II:   iPhoto Basics
        Chapter 4.   Camera Meets Mac
        Section 4.1.   iPhoto: The Application
        Section 4.2.   Getting Your Pictures into iPhoto
        Section 4.3.   The Post-Dump Slideshow
        Section 4.4.   Where iPhoto Keeps Your Files
        Chapter 5.   The Digital Shoebox
        Section 5.1.   The Source List
        Section 5.2.   More on Film Rolls
        Section 5.3.   Working with Your Photos
        Section 5.4.   Albums
        Section 5.5.   Folders
        Section 5.6.   Smart Albums
        Section 5.7.   Three Useful Panels
        Section 5.8.   Information Panel: Titles, Dates, and Comments
        Section 5.9.   The Calendar
        Section 5.10.   Keywords
        Section 5.11.   Searching for Photos by Text
        Section 5.12.   The Photo Info Window
        Section 5.13.   Rate Your Photos
        Section 5.14.   Deleting Photos
        Section 5.15.   Customizing the Shoebox
        Chapter 6.   Editing Your Shots
        Section 6.1.   Editing in iPhoto
        Section 6.2.   One-Click Fixups: The Enhance Button
        Section 6.3.   Cropping
        Section 6.4.   Painting Over Freckles, Scratches, and Hairs
        Section 6.5.   Red-Eye
        Section 6.6.   B & W, Sepia
        Section 6.7.   Rotate
        Section 6.8.   The Adjust Panel
        Section 6.9.   Introduction to the Histogram
        Section 6.10.   Exposure
        Section 6.11.   Adjusting the Levels
        Section 6.12.   Brightness and Contrast Sliders
        Section 6.13.   Color Balance
        Section 6.14.   Straightening
        Section 6.15.   Sharpening
        Section 6.16.   Beyond iPhoto
        Section 6.17.   Reverting to the Original
        Section 6.18.   Editing RAW Files
      Part III:   Meet Your Public
        Chapter 7.   The iPhoto Slideshow
        Section 7.1.   About Slideshows
        Section 7.2.   Option-Click Slideshows
        Section 7.3.   Instant Slideshows
        Section 7.4.   Saved Slideshows
        Section 7.5.   Control Over the Show
        Section 7.6.   Slideshow Tips
        Section 7.7.   Slideshows and iDVD
        Chapter 8.   Making Prints
        Section 8.1.   Making Great Prints
        Section 8.2.   Printing from iPhoto
        Section 8.3.   Ordering Prints Online
        Chapter 9.   Sharing Online ”and on Your Network
        Section 9.1.   Emailing Photos
        Section 9.2.   Publishing Photos on the Web
        Section 9.3.   The .Mac Slideshow
        Section 9.4.   Photo Sharing on the Network
        Section 9.5.   Photo Sharing Across Accounts
        Chapter 10.   Publishing a Photo Book
        Section 10.1.   Phase 1: Pick the Pix
        Section 10.2.   Phase 2: Publishing Options
        Section 10.3.   Phase 3: Initial Layout
        Section 10.4.   Phase 4: Design the Pages
        Section 10.5.   Phase 5: Edit the Titles and Captions
        Section 10.6.   Phase 6: Preview the Masterpiece
        Section 10.7.   Phase 7: Send the Book to the Bindery
        Chapter 11.   iPhoto Goes to the Movies
        Section 11.1.   Two Kinds of Slideshows
        Section 11.2.   Exporting an Instant Slideshow
        Section 11.3.   Exporting a Saved Slideshow
        Section 11.4.   Fun with QuickTime
        Section 11.5.   Managing Movies Imported From Your Camera
        Section 11.6.   Editing Digital-Camera Movies
        Section 11.7.   Burning a QuickTime Movie CD
        Section 11.8.   Slideshow Movies on the Web
        Chapter 12.   iDVD Slideshows
        Section 12.1.   The iDVD Slideshow
        Section 12.2.   Extra Credit: Self-Playing Slideshows
      Part IV:   iPhoto Stunts
        Chapter 13.   Screen Savers, AppleScript, and Cameraphones
        Section 13.1.   Building a Custom Screen Saver
        Section 13.2.   One-Click Desktop Backdrop
        Section 13.3.   Exporting and Converting Pictures
        Section 13.4.   Plug-Ins and Add-Ons
        Section 13.5.   AppleScript Tricks
        Section 13.6.   Transferring Cameraphone Pictures via Bluetooth
        Chapter 14.   iPhoto File Management
        Section 14.1.   About iPhoto Discs
        Section 14.2.   iPhoto Backups
        Section 14.3.   Managing Photo Libraries
        Section 14.4.   Merging Photo Libraries
        Section 14.5.   Beyond iPhoto
      Part V:   Appendixes
        Chapter A.   Troubleshooting
        Section A.1.   Importing and Opening
        Section A.2.   Exporting
        Section A.3.   Printing
        Section A.4.   Editing
        Section A.5.   General Questions
        Chapter B.   iPhoto 5, Menu by Menu
        Section B.1.   iPhoto Menu
        Section B.2.   File Menu
        Section B.3.   Edit Menu
        Section B.4.   Photos Menu
        Section B.5.   Share Menu
        Section B.6.   View Menu
        Section B.7.   Window Menu
        Section B.8.   Help Menu
        Chapter C.   Where to Go From Here
        Section C.1.   iPhoto and the Web
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