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Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Premiere 6.5 in 24 Hours
By Jeff Sengstack
Publisher : Sams Publishing
Date Published : September 09, 2002
ISBN : 0-672-32428-8
Pages : 648

Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Premiere 6.5 in 24 Hours offers practical advice from an author with a strong writing background, solid teaching experience, and extensive television production credentials.

Rather than simply presenting a collection of disconnected lessons, Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Premiere 6.5 in 24 Hours always reminds its readers of the big picture and what they're trying to accomplish. The book includes not only instruction on the basics of using Premiere 6.5, but also tips on shooting high quality video, creating professional voice-overs, and effective methods .

Adobe Premiere 6.5 brings high-end video editing to the PC (90% of Premiere users use Windows). Anyone with a Windows PC who wants to venture into anything more than very simple video editing will eventually turn to Premiere 6.5.

  Table of Contents
Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Premiere 6.5 in 24 Hours
By Jeff Sengstack
Publisher : Sams Publishing
Date Published : September 09, 2002
ISBN : 0-672-32428-8
Pages : 648

    About the Author
    We Want to Hear from You!
    Reader Services
      A Collaborative Effort
      New Features in Premiere 6.5
      Book Organization
      Conventions Used in This Book
    Part I.  Getting Started
      Hour 1.  Camcorder and Shooting Tips
      Gearing Up: Choosing a Camcorder
      Going Digital
      Camcorder Selection Tips
      Video Shooting Tips
      Hour 2.  Premiere Setup
      My Different Tack
      Setting Up Your Hardware for Video Capture
      Going Over Video Capture Card Features
      Connecting Your Camcorder and Monitor(s)
      Starting Premiere for the First Time: To A/B or Not to A/B?
      Selecting Your Project Settings
      Making the Easy DV Option Selections
      Tackling the Trickier Analog Video Project Settings
      Checking Out General Settings
      Taking a Quick Tour of Your Workspace
      Hour 3.  Video Capture and Scene Selection
      Capturing Video
      PremiereA Nonlinear Editor
      Tour the Video-Editing Workspace
      Organizing the Workspace
      Preparing for Video Capture
      Logging and Transferring Your Clips
      Automating Your Video TransfersBatch Capture
      Completing the Batch Capture Process
      Tackling Manual Analog Movie Capture
      Hour 4.  Using the Storyboard and Timeline for Cuts-only Editing
      Managing Your Assets
      Playing Your Clips
      Organizing Your Clips
      Creating Your First Project Using the Storyboard
      Taking a Timeline Tour
      Manipulating Clips in the Timeline
      Adding a Professional Touch to Your Project
      Hour 5.  Adding Transitions: From Dissolves to Zooms
      Editing: From Engineers to Artists
      Using Transitions with Restraint
      Adding Some Straightforward Transitions to a Project
      Resolving Transition Technical Issues
      Adding Transitions to Your Own Project
    Part II.  Enhancing Your Video
      Hour 6.  Story Creation, Writing, and Video Production Tips
      Getting the Story Right
      Story-Creation Tips
      Writing in the "Active Voice"
      Storytelling with Video
      Unblocking Creativity
      Stepping Up to Film
      The Business of Video Production
      Doing the Video Production Thing
      Hour 7.  Adding Audio
      Selecting the Right Mic for the Job
      Connecting Mics to Your Camcorder
      Building a Simple and Inexpensive Voice-Recording Area
      Voicing Solid Narrations
      Editing Audio Using Premiere
      News-Style Editing: Using Cutaways with Sound Bites
      News-Style Editing: Using J-Cuts and L-Cuts
      Using the Audio Mixer
      Hour 8.  Tackling Text: Using the Title Designer
      Using Supers to Help Tell Your Story
      Taking a Tour of Adobe's New Title Designer
      Creating Text
      Working with Object Style
      Configuring Properties
      Adding Fill to Text
      Creating Shadows
      Adding Strokes to Text and Objects
      Creating and Saving Your Text
      Adding Motion to Your TextRolling and Crawling
      Using the Title Designer to Make Simple Graphics
      Hour 9.  Advanced Editing Techniques and Workspace Tools
      Playing Clips Backward, Changing Speed, and Freezing Frames
      Rolling, Slide, and Slip Edits
      Creating Special Transitions
      Adding Music from CDs or SmartSound Quicktracks
      Setting Timeline Markers and Making an Automated Music Video
      Hour 10.  Adding Audio Effects
      Managing Effects
      Adjusting Sound: An Overview of Premiere Audio Effects
      Experimenting with Fun Audio Effects
      Creating Professional Audio Enhancements with TCWorks
      Hour 11.  Creating Video Effects
      Introducing Premiere's Video Effects
      Using Keyframes: Changing Effects Over Time
      Applying Motion to Clips and Changing Their Shape
    Part III.  Higher-end Effects
      Hour 12.  Using Higher-Level Video Effects
      Making Sense of the Plethora of Video Effects
      Technical Fix Effects
      Color Appearance Effects
      Blur/Sharpen Effects
      Distortion Effects
      QuickTime Effects
      Hour 13.  Wrapping Up Effects with After Effects
      Adobe After Effects: Astounding Visual Effects
      Enjoying After Effects' Video Effects
      Color Appearance Effects
      3D-Style Effects
      Applying Techniques Covered So Far
      Hour 14.  Compositing Part 1: Layering Images and Clips
      Making Compositing Part of Your Projects
      Your Assignment: Grab Shots for Compositing
      Working with the Opacity Rubberband
      Moving on to Keying
      Hour 15.  Compositing Part 2: Alpha Channels and Mattes
      Working with Alpha Channel Transparencies
      Using Alpha Channel Transparency with 12 Premiere Video Effects
      Creating and Working with Mattes
      Hour 16.  Tips, Tricks, and Techniques: Part 1
      Highlighting a Portion of Your Clip
      Following Action with Traveling Mattes
      Obscuring Someone's Identity
      Using Virtual Clips
      Using Split Screens for Animated Mirror Effects
      Hour 17.  Tips, Tricks, and Techniques: Part 2
      Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Simplify Your Editing
      Applying Productivity Tips to Speed Up Editing and Resolve Minor Annoyances
      Three Performance-Enhancing Tips
      More Color Codes
      What to Do If Premiere Misbehaves
      Enjoying Some Fun and Fast Editing Tricks
    Part IV.  Working with Other Adobe Products and Exporting Your Videos
      Hour 18.  Using Other Adobe Products for Video Production
      Taking a Tour of Photoshop Elements
      Moving Up to Photoshop
      Using Photoshop in Video ProductionExpert Tips
      Filling a Narrow Video Production Niche with Adobe Illustrator
      Expert Tips for First-time Illustrator Users
      Hour 19.  Exporting Premiere Frames, Clips, and Projects: Part 1
      Print to Video or Export to TapeWhat Does It All Mean?
      Choosing an Export Format
      Wading Through Export Options
      Finally, Exporting Your Project
      Hour 20.  Exporting Premiere Frames, Clips, and Projects: Part 2
      Revisiting MPEG
      Using the New Adobe MPEG Encoder
      Preparing Your Projects for Use on the Web
      Using the Advanced Windows Media Plug-In
      Using the Advanced RealMedia Export for Web Apps
    Part V.  DVD Authoring
      Hour 21.  Designing Your DVD Project and Creating Menus
      DVDs Are Driving the Next Technological Wave
      Deciding What You Want to AccomplishMenu Structure
      DVD AuthoringInitial Phase
      Creating MenusImage Backgrounds and Buttons
      Hour 22.  DVD Authoring
      Adjusting Image, Text, and Menu Characteristics
      Adding Videos and Stills and Changing Their Properties
      Linking Media to Your Menu Buttons to Make Your Project Flow
      Changing Movie, Image, and Menu Properties
      Hour 23.  Enhanced DVD Authoring
      Higher-End DVD-Authoring Enhancements
      Stepping Up to Mid-range DVD-Authoring Products
      Top-flight DVD-Authoring Tools
      Professional DVD Playback
      Hour 24.  Burning Your DVD
      Testing: Checking All Links and Ensuring Logical Project Flow
      Choosing DVD Recorders and Recordable Media
      "Burning" Your DVD
      Extra Features in DVDit! SE and PE
      Dealing with Mass Replicators