Search Engine Advertising: Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales

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Search Engine Advertising: Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales
By Catherine ‚  Seda
Publisher : New Riders Publishing
Pub Date : February 24, 2004
ISBN : 0-7357-1399-5
Pages : 368
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Create an effective search engine advertising strategy to make sure you get the most bang for your buck!

  • Discover how to effectively buy a top position on major search engines, avoid common pitfalls such as poor-performing ad copy, and evaluate and correct low visitor-to-buyer conversions.

  • Author breaks down sophisticated topics and communicates them in a way that anyone can grasp what has to happen to make a website succeed.

A few years ago, getting a top ranking within a search engine was solely based on search engine optimization, where web site design had to have elements that appealed to the search engines. While good web site design remains key to attaining listings in certain search engines, most search engines allow marketers to buy specific keyword positions in addition to, or instead of, programming their way to the top. This new advertising opportunity means that small businesses can compete directly with large corporations without having bigger, better web sites. Paid search engine listings can point to any page within a web site. So today, a top keyword position is less about luck and more about strategy and businesses with out a strategy are losing sales. Second only to e-mail, the most common activity for U.S. Internet users is searching for information. Fortunately, with a little education and preplanning, any company can launch a search engine advertising program - within days. This book reveals how to effectively buy a top position on the major search engines and directories. Readers will discover how to avoid common pitfalls such as poor-performing ad copy and low visitor-to-buyer conversions. This book teaches novices how to immediately market their web sites in search engines. It also offers tips for advanced marketers to evaluate and improve their current results.

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