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microsoft .net: jumpstart for systems administrators and developers
Microsoft .NET: Jumpstart for Systems Administrators and Developers
byNigel Stanley ISBN:1555582850
Digital Press 2003 (206 pages)

This book focuses on actual implementation and management issues critical to the success of an enterprise.

Table of Contents
Microsoft .NET—Jumpstart for Systems Administrators and Developers
Chapter 1 - Introducing .NET
Chapter 2 - eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
Chapter 3 - Visual Studio.NET
Chapter 4 - Microsoft BizTalk Server
Chapter 5 - Microsoft Commerce Server
Chapter 6 - Microsoft SQL Server
Chapter 7 - Microsoft Content Management Server
Chapter 8 - Microsoft Application Center Server
Chapter 9 - SOAP, Web Services, and UDDI
Chapter 10 - Scalability and Security
Chapter 11 - Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
Appendix - Guide to Microsoft .NET Products System Requirements
List of Figures
List of Tables


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Microsoft .NET is born out of a personal search for the Holy Grail of .NET for IT professionals. Unlike competing texts, it focuses on actual implementation and management issues critical to the success of an enterprise. Through Nigel Stanley’s active consulting practice, he has gathered essential information for integrating the far-ranging components which .NET touches without hype or superfluous programming details.

Microsoft .NET revolutionizes the development, deployment and support of business applications. It introduces new technologies and concepts which have to be understood by today’s IT professionals if they are to continue to be successful.

This book has:

  • Clear coverage of all the major .NET Enterprise Server products
  • Introductions to important technologies such as SOAP, UDDI, and XML
  • Experiences drawn from real life customer situations focusing on important need-to-know material for the IT professional
  • Appendix giving detailed specifications required to run the .NET Enterprise Servers.

About the Author

Nigel Stanley is Technical Director of a leading UK Microsoft partner. He leads a team of consultants and engineers providing business IT solutions, data warehouses, .NET training and consultancy. He previously worked for Microsoft, first as a systems engineer specializing in databases and developer technologies, and later as a product manager responsible for the Microsoft client server products. His first book, The SQL Server Handbook (Digital Press, 1995) covers Microsoft SQL Server in depth. The latest edition of the SQL Server Handbook for version 7.0 of SQL Server was released in June 1999.

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Microsoft .NET-Jumpstart for Systems Administrators and Developers

Nigel Stanley

Amsterdam ­ Boston ­ London ­ New York ­ Oxford ­ Paris ­ San Diego San Francisco ­ Singapore ­ Sydney ­ Tokyo

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To Rue, for being there, again.


Writing a book can be a thankless task at times as it entails many hours of research and typing. This has inevitable effects on those closest to you and I would like to thank Rue Stanley for putting up with this for the third time.

There have been a number of colleagues involved in preparing this text, but I would like especially to thank my reviewing team of Ken England and Mark Hirst. Ken was able to bring his real-life experience of speaking to IT professionals on a daily basis and Mark has a wealth of in-depth technical knowledge on Microsoft .NET. Using feedback from them both, I hope I have tuned the book for the right IT professional audience.

I would like to thank the team at Digital Press, including Theron R. Shreve and Pam Chester, for their support of the project. In addition, a big thank you to the folks at ICS Solutions ( who have worked so tirelessly to help Microsoft put .NET on the map in the U.K.

About the Author

Nigel Stanley is a leading expert in the field of .NET technologies and their impact on businesses. By working with many organizations across the spectrum of market sectors, he has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, documented for the first time in this book. His other books include the two best-selling SQL Server handbooks, written with Ken England, available from Digital Press.

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