Practice Exercise

Practice Exercise

This is a safety article from an insurance company. State a meeting objective and divide the information into three key points. Then add the remaining items.


  • Be alert at stoplights and signs. One thief robs the motorist when he or she gets out to inspect the damage; the other thief steals the car.

  • Don't apply make-up, shave, or read at stoplights. Don't be in a hurry to get to stoplights or signs ”keep you car in motion if possible.

  • Call ahead for safe directions. Lost or confused drivers are vulnerable.

  • Don't drive near the curb in high-crime areas.

  • Keep your doors locked and your windows shut when you drive.

  • Keep your briefcase, purse, and packages under seats, or on the floor out of sight.

  • Check your rearview mirror to make sure you are not followed into your driveway or garage.

If Approached by Strangers

  • When you park in an attended lot, leave only the ignition key.

  • Drive off, if possible.

  • Lean on your horn to attract attention.

  • Leave everything behind if forced from your car.

When Parking Your Car

  • Lock your car when you go into a service station to pay for gas.

  • Park in well-lighted, populated areas.

  • Don't park next to a dumpster or anywhere thieves can hide.

  • When possible, park on the ground level in garages so you avoid elevators and stairwells.

  • Lock your car whenever you park it ”4 out of 5 cars stolen are left unlocked.

  • When returning to your vehicle, have your key ready. If anyone is hanging around your car, go back inside and ask for an escort.


MEETING OBJECTIVE: ( fill in this blank )



Opener: ( How will you get their attention? )


Preview of talk: ( Tell 'em what you're going to tell 'em; the key points )

BODY ( Tell 'em )


Key Point 1 ____________________________________________________________________


Supporting facts/information/types of material:


Transition statement: ( actual words )


Key Point 2 ____________________________________________________________________


Supporting material:


Transition statement:


Key Point 3 ____________________________________________________________________


Supporting material:



Summary: ( Tell 'em what you told 'em; the key points )


To-do statement or request:

Chapter 3. Conducting Information Meetings

Where do we line up for the charisma shots? There must be an injection or a pill we can take that will transform us into warm, inviting , relaxed persons whose preparation and polish cause the audience to listen raptly and react enthusiastically to our to-do statements. They leave our meetings filled with purpose, always willing to attend our future meetings because we lead so well. Ah, were it so! Although pharmaceuticals are being introduced rapidly these days, meeting management curealls don't come in quick-fix modes. Instead, we have algorithms that produce the same effect. These procedures for accomplishing the end result ”effective meeting management ”just take longer to develop. Their advantage over drugs and shots is that once you see what it takes, you improve naturally!