Section 16. A Final Word

Section 16. A Final Word

And that's all there is to say about Google Spreadsheets. As you've seen, Google Spreadsheets is a great little tool that should prove useful to all types of spreadsheet users. Know, however, that Google Spreadsheets is a work in progress, so keep your eyes open for refinements, improvements, and additional features. As good as it already is, expect Google to make Google Spreadsheets even better in the future!

Command Reference

This handy, printable command reference will serve as your cheat sheet while you get better acquainted with Google Spreadsheets. Print it and keep it next to your keyboard while getting up to speed.

All tab



File button

Lets you save, open, import, and export spreadsheet files

Save button

Saves the current spreadsheet

New link

Opens a new spreadsheet in a new browser window

Open link

Opens a previously saved spreadsheet, or uploads an XLS spreadsheet file stored on your computer

Spreadsheet title and info

Displays the title of the current spreadsheet, as well as when it was last saved (visible only when using a saved spreadsheet)

Share This Spreadsheet link

Saves the current spreadsheet and displays sharing options (visible only on newly createdthat is, unsavedspreadsheets)

Show/Hide Sharing Options link

Lets you invite other users to share or view the current spreadsheet (visible only when using a saved spreadsheet)

Format tab

Displays formatting controls

Sort tab

Displays sorting controls

Formulas tab

Displays formula controls

Cut button

Cuts the data in the selected cell(s)use when you want to move data to another location

Copy button

Copies the data in the selected cell(s)

Paste button

Pastes cut or copied data

Undo button

Undoes the most recent entry, edit, or operation

Redo button

Redoes an undone operation

Add Sheet button

Adds a new sheet to the current spreadsheet

Sheet 1, Sheet 2, etc.

Click to select different sheets within the current spreadsheet

Reference area

Displays the contents of the current celleither raw data or the formula behind the numbers

Format Tab

Choose Format button

Selects a number, date, or plain text format for the selected cell(s)


Bolds the contents of the selected cell(s)


Italicizes the contents of the selected cell(s)


Underlines the contents of the selected cell(s)

Font Family

Applies a particular font (typeface) to the selected cell(s)

Font Size

Changes the font size of the selected cell(s)

Text Color

Changes the color of the contents of the selected cell(s)

Background Color

Changes the background color of the selected cell(s)

Clear Format

Clears all formatting from the selected cell(s)

Align button

Changes the alignment (left, center, right, etc.) of the selected cell(s)

Insert button

Inserts new rows or columns into the spreadsheet

Delete button

Deletes rows or columns from the spreadsheet

Wrap Text

When checked, wraps long text to additional lines within the selected cell(s)

Merge Across

Merges adjacent cells into a single cell

Sort Tab

Freeze Rows

When sorting, freezes the top row(s) of the spreadsheet as header rows

Sort Sheet by Selected Column: A > Z

Sorts the spreadsheet by the currently selected column, in alphabetical (or numerical) order

Sort Sheet by Selected Column: Z > Z

Sorts the spreadsheet by the currently selected column, in reverse alphabetical (or numerical) order

Formulas Tab

Reference area

Displays the name of the selected cell


Calculates the total of a group of cells


Counts the number of cells in a range that contain numeric values


Calculates the mean average of a group of numbers


Returns the minimum value in a range of cells


Returns the maximum value in a range of cells


Calculates the product of the specified valuesthat is, it multiplies all the values together


Displays all available Google Spreadsheets functions