Making a Living from Your eBay Business, Second Edition

book cover
Making a Living from Your eBay® Business, Second Edition
By Michael Miller
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: October 12, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-789-73646-2
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3646-8
Pages: 456

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The power of online auctions is attracting hundreds of thousands--if not millions--of users who want to turn their eBay hobbies into profitable businesses. While turning an eBay hobby into an eBay business might look easy, making that business profitable is much more difficult. Not enough sellers treat their eBay sales as a business, and subsequently are disappointed in the results. To launch a successful and profitable eBay business, the detailed instructions in this book will show you how to get started. It will help you determine what kind of business you want to run, write an action-oriented business plan, establish an effective accounting system, set up a home office, obtain starting inventory, arrange initial funding, establish an eBay presence, and arrange for automated post-auction management. This book is a step-by-step guide for anyone serious about making money from their eBay sales. Unlike other computer-oriented titles, this is a straight-ahead business book that shows how to set up and run different types of eBay businesses, and how to maximize sales and profits while doing so. This book includes a section titled "Choosing Your eBay Business" that details six different types of eBay businesses you can start. Included in this section is a chapter on eBay Trading Assistants (AKA drop-off stores or consignment stores), which is the newest form of an eBay business.

book cover
Making a Living from Your eBay® Business, Second Edition
By Michael Miller
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: October 12, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-789-73646-2
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3646-8
Pages: 456

Table of Contents  | Index

       About the Author
    Part 1:  Planning and Launching Your eBay Business
          Chapter 1.  So You Want to Start an eBay Business...
      What, Exactly, Is an eBay Business?
      Understanding eBay's Fees
      Different Ways to Sell on eBay
      The Secret to eBay Business Success: Planning
          Chapter 2.  Researching Your Business Model
      Why Research Is Important
      Searching Closed eBay Auctions
      Using Other Research Tools
      Determining Your Business Model
          Chapter 3.  Creating a Business Plan
      Thinking It ThroughBefore You Start
      Why You Need a Business Plan
      How to Create a Business Plan
      The Components of a Winning Business Plan
      Writing the Plan
          Chapter 4.  Evaluating and Arranging Funding
      How Much Money Do You Needand Why?
      Where to Find Funding
      Which Funding Option Is Right for You?
          Chapter 5.  Establishing a Legal Business Presence
      Choosing a Type of Business
      Filing and Registering
      Dealing with Taxes
      Setting Up Your Bank Accounts
      Obtaining Insurance
      Hiring Professional Help
          Chapter 6.  Setting Up a Recordkeeping System
      Why You Need to Keep Good Records
      Components of a Bare-Bones Recordkeeping System
      Setting Up an Accounting System
          Chapter 7.  Organizing Your Home Office
      Setting Up Your Home Office
      Setting Up Your Packing and Shipping Center
      Managing Your Physical Inventory
    Part 2:  Choosing a Business Model
          Chapter 8.  The Second-Hand Reseller
      Easing into BusinessBy Selling What You Own
      Moving from Pastime to Business
      Sell Everythingor Certain Things?
      Running a Second-Hand Merchandise Business
      Pros and Cons of Second-Hand Reselling
      How to Become a Second-Hand Reseller
          Chapter 9.  The Collector/Trader
      Turning a Hobby into a Business
      Grading and Authenticating Your Merchandise
      Running a Collector/Trader Business
      Pros and Cons of Collecting and Trading
      How to Become an eBay Collector/Trader
          Chapter 10.  The Bulk Reseller
      Selling in Bulk Means Buying in Bulk
      Specializeor Vary Your Inventory?
      Running a Bulk Reseller Business
      Pros and Cons of Bulk Reselling
      How to Become a Bulk Reseller
          Chapter 11.  The Retailer
      Becoming an Authorized Dealer
      Running a Retail Business on eBay
      Pros and Cons of Official Retailing
      How to Become an Official Retailer on eBay
          Chapter 12.  The Manufacturer/Craftsperson
      eBay for Manufacturers
      eBay for Artists and Craftspeople
      Pros and Cons of Selling Your Own Products on eBay
          Chapter 13.  The Trading Assistant
      Selling Other People's Stuff
      Setting Up Shopand Setting Prices
      Running a Consignment Business on eBay
      Pros and Cons of Consignment Selling
      How to Become an eBay Trading Assistant
    Part 3:  Managing Your Day-to-Day Business
          Chapter 14.  Purchasing and Managing Your Inventory
      Where to Find Merchandise to Resell
      Managing Your Inventory Levels
          Chapter 15.  Automating Item Listing
      eBay Turbo Lister
      eBay's Other Listing ProgramsBlackthorne Basic and Blackthorne Pro
      Ándale Lister
      Auction Hawk
      Vendio Sales Manager
      Other Bulk Listing Options
          Chapter 16.  Managing Customer Payments
      Evaluating Different Payment Options
      Accepting Credit Card Payments via PayPal
      Alternatives to PayPal
          Chapter 17.  Organizing Your Packing and Shipping
      Choosing a Shipping Method
      Calculating Shipping and Handling Fees
      Packing Your Items
      Streamlining the Packing and Shipping Process
      Shipping Larger Items
      Shipping Internationally
          Chapter 18.  Dealing with Customersand Customer Problems
      Answering Bidder Questions
      Managing End-of-Auction Correspondence
      Handling Buyer Complaints
      Dealing with Deadbeat Bidders
      Coping with Complaints About You
          Chapter 19.  Automating Auction Management
      Should You Use an Auction Management Tool?
      Evaluating Auction Management Tools
      Popular Auction Management Tools
      eBay Blackthorne Basic
      eBay Blackthorne Pro
      eBay Selling Manager
      eBay Selling Manager Pro
      Another Option: Software Tools
    Part 4:  Maximizing Your eBay Sales
          Chapter 20.  Increasing Sell-Through
      Setting a Pricing Strategy
      Determining the Best Days and Times to List
      Other Tricks for Improving Item Sell-Through
      Selling Internationally
          Chapter 21.  Choosing the Most Effective Listing Options
      Selecting the Right Auction Length
      Choosing a Different Start Time
      Picking the Right Category
      Choosing Listing Enhancements
      Selecting the Right Pricing Option
          Chapter 22.  Creating More Successful Auction Listings
      Writing an Effective Item Listing
      Creating Better-Looking Item Listings
      Using HTML in Your Listings
      Ready-to-Use HTML Templates
          Chapter 23.  Displaying More Powerful Photographs
      Taking Effective Photos
      Scanning Instead of Shooting
      Editing Your PhotosDigitally
      Adding Photos to Your Item Listings
          Chapter 24.  Promoting Your eBay Auctions
      Cross-Promoting All Your Auctions
      Linking from Other Sites to Your eBay Auctions
      Promoting with eBay Keywords
      Other Ways to Advertise Your Auctions
      Using eBay's Seller Resources
    Part 5:  Growing Your Online Business
          Chapter 25.  Becoming an eBay PowerSeller
      What Is a PowerSeller?
      Do You Qualify?
      PowerSeller Benefits
      How to Become a PowerSeller
      Ten Tips for Achieving PowerSeller Statusor Just Increasing Your Day-to-Day Sales
          Chapter 26.  Selling Fixed-Price Items on eBay Express and
      Obtaining Additional Exposure with eBay Express
      Offering Books, CDs, and DVDs on
          Chapter 27.  Opening an eBay Store
      What Is an eBay Store?
      Benefits of Opening Your Own eBay Store
      Do You Qualify?
      The Costs of Running an eBay Store
      How to Set Up an eBay Store
      Promoting Your eBay Store
      Earn Referral Fees
          Chapter 28.  Launching a Full-Featured Merchant Website
      Utilizing a Prepackaged Storefront
      Building Your Own Merchant Site from Scratch
          Chapter 29.  Other Places to Sell Online
      Other Online Auction Sites
      Other Selling Sites
          Chapter 30.  Managing Growth
      Analyzing Your Business
      Locating More Merchandise to Sell
      Finding More Space
      Hiring Additional Employees
      Managing Your Time
      How Big Is Too Big?
    Part 6:  Appendixes
          Appendix A.  Accounting Basics
      Revenues, Expenses, and Profits
      Assets and Liabilities
      The Difference Between Profits and Cash
      Financial Statements
          Appendix B.  Listing Abbreviations