2.14 Security and Privacy

2.14 Security and Privacy

A major concern is the possible misuse of all of this information and the need to ensure that the models that evolve from it are correctly applied and are rigorously tested before being implemented. Any profiles require that ample tests be performed prior to widespread deployment. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), for example, is raising concerns about plans for the Transportation Safety Administration's CAPP II (computer-assisted passenger pre-screening) system to pull in data from banks, and other data providers mentioned in this chapter. Care must be taken to ensure the security and privacy of personal data is protected and the rights of citizens are not violated.

Issues involving security, especially when it comes to Internet, financial, credit, and government data, will also influence any data-integration efforts. Copyrights, personal and medical records, and other sensitive data will likely also restrict what information can be used. Above all, the privacy and security of individuals must be protected, and any access to private information, such as unlisted telephone numbers, must be done with the proper legal instruments, such as subpoenas or summonses. Note that some data mining models can be constructed without specific identification information, such as names, addresses or other unique identification numbers. To further protect the data, it can be classified using a variety of methods from unrestricted to a special compartmentalization-restricted security level.

2.15 ChoicePoint: A Case Study

One of the largest providers of information is ChoicePoint, whose customers include federal, state, and local government agencies; the FBI; the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). It provides access to various types of records in several formats. Its AutoTrackXP and ChoicePoint Online provide Internet access to more than 14 billion current and historical records on individuals and businesses and allow users to browse through those records instantly.

With as little information as a name or Social Security number, ChoicePoint provides access and cross-referencing of public and proprietary records, including identity verification information, relatives and associates, corporate information, real property records, and deed transfers. In addition, access is available to a staff of field researches who perform county, state, and federal courthouse searches.

Subscribers can use AutoTrack Wireless to access some of ChoicePoint's most widely used public-record databases through a variety of wireless platforms. Through their SQL Direct, batch processing can provide access to multiple databases include the following:

  • Credit header (identification section)

  • Real property records

  • Corporations and limited partnerships

  • Uniform Commercial Code filings

  • Bankruptcies, liens, and judgments

  • Telephone directory (includes reverse directory)

  • Business directory listings

  • SEC significant shareholders

  • FAA aircraft and pilots

  • US Coast Guard watercraft registrations

  • Physician reports

  • Address inspector

  • Federal employer identification (FEIN) listings

  • OSHA filings

  • Professional licenses

  • Fictitious business name registrations

ChoicePoint's National Comprehensive Report can provide the following data items:

  • Date of birth

  • Possible AKAs for subject

  • Possible other Social Security number

  • Possible other names associated with SSN

  • Possible addresses associated with subject

  • Possible real property ownership

  • Possible deed transfers

  • Possible vehicles registered at subject's addresses

  • Possible watercraft

  • Possible FAA aircraft registration

  • Possible UCC filings

  • Possible bankruptcies, liens, and judgments

  • Possible professional licenses

  • Possible FAA pilot licenses

  • Possible DEA controlled substance licenses

  • Possible business affiliations

  • Possible relatives

  • Other people who have the same address as the subject

  • Possible licensed drivers at subject's addresses

  • Neighbor phone listings for subject's addresses

At the end of the report the user is provided with the following notification:

 The following databases were searched but data for the subject was
 not found:

ABI Business Directory, Active U.S. Military Personnel, Broward
County Felonies/Misdemeanors, Broward County Traffic Citations,
Federal Firearms and Explosives License, Florida Accidents,
Florida Banking and Finance Licenses, Florida Beverage License,
Florida Boating Citations, Florida Concealed Weapon Permits,
Florida Day Care Licenses, Florida Department of Education,
Florida Felony/Probation/Parole, Florida Fictitious Name, Florida
Handicap Parking Permits, Florida Hotels and Restaurants, Florida
Insurance Agents, Florida Marriages, Florida Money Transmitter
Licenses, Florida Salt Water Product Licenses, Florida Securities
Dealers, Florida Sexual Predator, Florida Tangible Property,
Florida Tobacco License, Florida Unclaimed Property, Florida
Worker's Compensation Claims, Marine Radio Licenses, Significant
Shareholders, Trademarks / Service Marks, and state-specific
databases. *** End of Report SS_009/01 ***

Lastly, ChoicePoint offers through its CORE service the ability to pull public-records data directly into the investigative databases of subscribers for data and link analysis (www.choicepoint.com).