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network analysis, architecture & design, second edition
Network Analysis, Architecture & Design, Second Edition
byJames D. McCabe ISBN:1558608877
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers 2003 (450 pages)

This book works through the processes of analysis, architecture, and design step by step, giving network designers a solid resource for making good design decisions.

Table of Contents
Network Analysis, Architecture, and Design, Second Edition
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Requirements Analysis: Concepts
Chapter 3 - Requirements Analysis: Process
Chapter 4 - Flow Analysis
Chapter 5 - Network Architecture
Chapter 6 - Addressing and Routing Architecture
Chapter 7 - Network Management Architecture
Chapter 8 - Performance Architecture
Chapter 9 - Security and Privacy Architecture
Chapter 10 - Selecting Technologies for the Network Design
Chapter 11 - Interconnecting Technologies Within the Network Design
Glossary of - Terms
Glossary of Acronyms
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Examples

Network Analysis, Architecture, and Design, 2nd Edition, uses a systems methodology approach to teaching these concepts, which views the network (and the environment it impacts) as part of the larger system, looking at interactions and dependencies between the network and its users, applications, and devices. This approach matches the new business climate where customers drive the development of new services and the book discusses how networks can be architected and designed to provide many different types of services to customers.

This second edition contains an entirely new focus on network architecture, which completes the process from analysis to design. Network architecture takes the input from network analysis and provides a high-level view of the network, focusing on the relationships between major functions of the network, such as security, network management, performance and addressing and routing. A reference architecture, outlining how these functions are to be addressed within the network, serves as the foundation for the network design.

With a number of examples, analogies, instructor tips, and exercises, this book works through the processes of analysis, architecture, and design step by step, giving network designers a solid resource for making good design decisions.

About the Author

James D. McCabe is the network architect for BeamReach Networks. McCabe's interest in network analysis and design dates from the late 1980s, when he first worked on designs for NASA's aerospace supercomputing networks. Subsequent designs for various commercial, government and academic networks led him to develop and publish the processes described in this book, which he also teaches to students at various corporations and conferences. McCabe holds a degree in chemical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Network Analysis, Architecture, and Design, Second Edition

James D. McCabe BeamReach Networks



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As I complete this book, it is but days after the destruction of Space Shuttle Columbia and I feel a deep sense of profound loss at this tragedy. I worked with Dr. Kalpana Chawla at the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation (NAS) Facility at NASA Ames Research Center during the 1990s. I remember her pioneering spirit, great heart, warm smile, and brilliant mind. She was an inspiration to all of us at the NAS Facility and to many worldwide. This book is dedicated to her.