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the top consultant: developing your skills for greater effectiveness, 4th edition
The Top Consultant: Developing Your Skills For Greater Effectiveness, 4th Edition
byCalvert Markham ISBN:0749442530
Kogan Page 2004 (240 pages)

Packed with practical tips and techniques for developing professional skills, this is the essential guide for all consultants wishing to upgrade their skills and become leading edge practitioners in their field.

Table of Contents
The Top Consultant—Developing Your Skills for Greater Effectiveness, 4th Edition
Chapter 1 - The Nature of Consultancy
Chapter 2 - Managing a Consultancy Business
Chapter 3 - Product Definition and Marketing in Consultancy
Chapter 4 - The Consultancy Sales Process
Chapter 5 - Conducting Specific Sales Transactions
Chapter 6 - Consultancy Problem Solving
Chapter 7 - Commercial Aspects of Consultancy
Chapter 8 - Operating a Consultancy Project
Chapter 9 - Managing Client Relationships
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Highly acclaimed, The Top Consultant is a comprehensive guide for all consultants looking to provide a first class service to their clients, and who wish to become expert practitioners. In this revised third edition of what has become a standard text, Calvert Markham shows how consultants can develop their performance in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Product development and marketing in consultancy.
  • Selling and managing consultancy projects.
  • Consultancy problem solving.
  • Running a consultancy business.
  • Managing client relationships.

Packed with practical tips and techniques for developing professional skills, The Top Consultant is the essential guide for all consultants wishing to upgrade their skills and become leading edge practitioners in their field.

About the Author

After early experience with ICI, Calvert Markham entered the world of consultancy with PA Management Consultants in 1974, where he specialized as a human resources consultant. In 1984, he moved to Spicer and Pegler Associates and developed their human resources consultancy practice. He left to set up his own practice in 1987, and in 1989 formed Consultancy Skills Training to pursue his interest in consultant education. For many years he was involved in the Professional Development Committee of the Institute of Management Consultancy, and was a member of Council. He is also a Past Chairman of the Richmond Group, a society of independent consultants. Calvert Markham is a past Master of the Guild of Management Consultants, of which he was one of the founding members in 1992. Calvert Markham is the author of Practical Management Consultancy and The Top Consultant, and one of the contributing authors of Effective Remuneration. He has also been technical adviser to Melrose Films on two of their productions connected with consultancy.

Calvert Markham has a degree from Cambridge University and a Diploma in Management Studies. In addition to his Fellowship of the Institute of Management Consultants, he is a Member of the Institute of Personnel Development and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

The Top Consultant—Developing Your Skills for Greater Effectiveness, 4th Edition


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Calvert Markham is a leading management consultant with considerable experience in the training and development of consultants. He is Managing Director of Consultancy Skills Training Ltd, which specializes in this area, and in 2004 is President of the UK Institute of Management Consultancy.

He works extensively with consultancy practices as well as others - such as internal consultants - involved in delivering consultancy to design and deliver performance development programmes. Although based in the United Kingdom, much of his work is international.


Consultancy is a skill, honed through practice and experience. My thanks therefore go to my clients with whom I have been able to work on consultancy projects and, more latterly, in designing and delivering training programmes in consultancy. The experiences shared by other consultants whom I have met in the course of this work have also been enriching; the training has been a two-way street!

I have completely revised, updated and restructured the book in the current edition. When it was first published, I gave my thanks to my wife and son for their forbearance during the periods of seclusion required by an author. Now, more than 10 years on, I have my son Charles to thank for the rigorous proofreading he has done of the draft. I haven't accepted all his suggestions so any remaining errors are entirely my responsibility!