RFID Field Guide: Deploying Radio Frequency Identification Systems

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RFID Field Guide: Deploying Radio Frequency Identification Systems
By Bhuptani Manish, Moradpour Shahram
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date: February 08, 2005
ISBN: 0-13-185355-4
Pages: 288

  • RFID: What's hype? What isn't? What works? What doesn't?

  • Everything business and technical managers must know to intelligently evaluate RFID and plan deployments

  • Identifying the right applications -- and making the business case

  • Team-building, vendor selection, standards, infrastructure, integration, emerging technologies, and more

Whatever your industry or application, RFID Field Guide is your comprehensive guide to planning, designing, and deploying RFID technologies. Two leading RFID consultants draw on their extensive experience to cut through the hype associated with RFID technology and present the realities: true costs and benefits, practical technical and organizational obstacles, and solutions that work.

The authors begin by explaining how RFID works, and identifying mature and emerging RFID applications that can reduce expenses, increase revenue, and drive competitive advantage. Next, they present a complete framework for assessing and deploying RFID: everything from budgeting to team building, standards to security, vendor selection to integration. Along the way, they answer the crucial questions facing every business and technical manager responsible for evaluating, planning, or implementing RFID:

  • What's hype, and what isn't? What can RFID really do for my business and supply chain?

  • What best practices exist for planning, organizing, and delivering on RFID initiatives?

  • How do I assess the true costs and benefits of RFID technologies? How do I mitigate the risks?

  • What technical advances are on the horizon? Will they simplify deployment? Reduce costs? Should I wait, or act now?

  • What issues should I consider in choosing an RFID consultant?

  • How can I manage the security and privacy implications of RFID?

  • Does "slap-'n-ship" make sense, or should I reengineer my entire process instead?

  • Will item level tagging ever be a reality? If so, when?

  • How do I architect systems that can handle the massive quantities of data that RFID generates?

  • Which evolving standards will impact my RFID planning and deployment?

  • Can I respond immediately to mandates and still maintain a coherent long-term RFID strategy?

  • What's the future of RFID? And what's my next step, right now?

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book cover
• Table of Contents
• Index
RFID Field Guide: Deploying Radio Frequency Identification Systems
By Bhuptani Manish, Moradpour Shahram
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date: February 08, 2005
ISBN: 0-13-185355-4
Pages: 288

   About the Authors
    Part I:  What Is RFID?
          Chapter 1.  A Better Way of Doing Things
      Security and Authentication
      Process Efficiency
          Chapter 2.  The History and Evolution of RFID
      RFID Technology and the Radio
      The Early Days of RFID
      From Detection to Unique Identification
      RFID Flourishes Across the Globe
          Chapter 3.  Components of RFID Systems
      Operational Description of RFID Systems
      Hardware Components
      Software Components
      The EPCglobal Network
    Part II:  How to Deploy RFID
          Chapter 4.  Standards Related to RFID
      Role of Standards in Technology Advancement and Adoption
      Standards and RFIDAn Overview of EPCglobal
      ISO and RFID Standards
      Other Standardization Initiatives
      Recommendations for the Practitioner
          Chapter 5.  Framework for Deployment
      Introducing RFID Deployment Framework
      Identify Business Problem
      Define and Pilot Solution
      Build and Deploy Solution
      Sustain and Improve
      Knowledge Base
          Chapter 6.  Organizational Mobilization
      Achieving Organizational Mobilization
      Provide Leadership Focus
      Communicate Shared Vision
      Engage Support and Resistance
      Institutionalize Results and Lessons
          Chapter 7.  Cost-Benefit Analysis
      Analyzing Benefits
      Elements of Cost
      Cost-Benefit Characterization of Selected Applications
          Chapter 8.  Vendor Considerations and Landscape
      Vendor Selection Approach
      Vendor Comparison Criteria
      Vendor Categories
      Vendor Guide
    Part III:  The Path Ahead
          Chapter 9.  Mandates As Business Catalysts
      Wal-Mart and RFID
      U.S. Department of Defense and RFID
      Recommendations for Suppliers of Wal-Mart, Other Retailers, and the DoD
      RFID Initiatives at Other Organizations
          Chapter 10.  Security and Privacy
      Distinguishing Between Security and Privacy Issues
      Security Challenges
      Privacy Considerations
          Chapter 11.  Emerging Trends in RFID
      Technological Advancements
      Business Process Innovations
      Evolving Standards and Legislation
      Consumer Application Innovations
       Appendix A
      Case Study: Michigan Department of Agriculture
      Case Study: Sun Microsystems
      Case Study: Operation Enduring Freedom / Operation Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF)
      Case Study: Woolworths, Plc.
      Case Study: Smart & Secure TradelanesPhase One Review
       Appendix B
      The Sun EPCglobal Network Architecture
   References and Recommended Reading