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electronic commerce, fourth edition
Electronic Commerce, Fourth Edition
byPete LoshinandJohn Vacca ISBN:1584500646
Charles River Media 2004 (472 pages)

This revised and updated text reflects the most recent trends in e-commerce, including new material on security technologies, server options, enterprise applications, and investing online.

Table of Contents
Electronic Commerce, Fourth Edition
Part I - Overview of E-Commerce Technology
Chapter 1 - What Is Electronic Commerce?
Chapter 2 - Types of E-Commerce Technology
Chapter 3 - Types of E-Business Models and Markets
Chapter 4 - Types of E-Commerce Providers and Vendors
Part II - Designing and Building E-Commerce Web Sites: Hands-On
Chapter 5 - E-Commerce Web Site Creation
Chapter 6 - Managing E-Commerce Web Site Development
Chapter 7 - Building Shopping Cart Applications
Chapter 8 - Mobile Electronic Commerce
Chapter 9 - Enhancing a Web Server with E-Commerce Application Development
Part III - Implementing and Managing E-Commerce Web Sites
Chapter 10 - Strategies, Techniques, and Tools
Chapter 11 - Implementing Merchandising Strategies
Chapter 12 - Implementing E-Commerce Databases
Chapter 13 - Applying and Managing E-Business Intelligence Tools for Application Development
Part IV - Designing, Building, and Implementing E-Commerce Security
Chapter 14 - Types of Security Technologies
Chapter 15 - Protocols for the Public Transport of Private Information
Chapter 16 - Building an E-Commerce Trust Infrastructure
Chapter 17 - Implementing E-Commerce Enterprise Application Security Integration
Chapter 18 - Strong Transaction Security in Multiple Server Environments
Chapter 19 - Securing and Managing Your Storefront for E-Business
Part V - Electronic Payments Technology
Chapter 20 - Payment Technology Issues
Chapter 21 - Electronic Payment Methods Through Smart Cards
Chapter 22 - Electronic Payment Systems
Chapter 23 - Digital Currencies
Part VI - E-Commerce Solutions and Future Directions
Chapter 24 - International E-Commerce Solutions
Chapter 25 - Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer
Chapter 26 - Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations
Part VII - Appendixes
Appendix A - Internet Glossary and Abbreviations
Appendix B - Electronic Commerce Online Resources
Appendix C - Electronic Data Interchange Transaction Codes
Appendix D - Listing of E-Commerce Conferences
Appendix E - E-Commerce Case Studies
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The fourth edition of this best-selling title gives a complete overview of the electronic commerce environment. It has been revised and completely updated to reflect the most recent trends in e-commerce, including new material on security technologies, server options, enterprise applications, and investing online. Covering everything from fundamental security technologies to future trends, this comprehensive guide will provide you with a thorough knowledge of electronic commerce and the tools needed to conduct business on the Internet.

Key Features

  • New material on mobile electronic commerce, security technologies, server options, enterprise applications, investing online, smart cards, EDI, intellectual property issues, and supply chain management
  • Discusses security protocols, e.g., SSL, Java solutions and digital signatures
  • A thorough discussion of various Internet security issues, e.g., SSL, S-HTTP, Java security, WAP, routers, firewalls, and public key encryption
  • Vignettes, sidebars, and case studies apply theory to practical examples
  • Includes a comprehensive glossary, EDI transaction codes, and e-commerce online resources

About the Authors

Pete Loshin writes and consults about networking and the Internet.

John Vacca resides in Ohio and is the author of twenty books on computer-related topics. He has served as a computer security official with NASA.