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System backup is essential in any enterprise—protecting data is equivalent to protecting the company or agency. Whether you have the task of putting together a backup and recovery system for your organization or your are thinking about how backup and recovery fits within the scope of total data availability, Implementing Backup and Recovery is an invaluable resource. This detailed guide takes you through the necessary steps of deploying services by showing you how to address the architecture, limitations, and capabilities of the existing network infrastructure.

After an introduction to backup and recovery in the enterprise, Little and Chapa give a tutorial on the components of backup. Then, using VERITAS NetBackup as an example, they show you how to install and configure a backup application, and how to customize services to meet customer needs. Throughout the book, the authors use real-life client situations to explain specific concepts. In addition, you’ll also learn:

  • The business and legal requirements of backup systems
  • VERITAS NetBackup’s tiered architecture and configuration elements
  • How to determine your need for additional backup services
  • What the future holds for backup and recovery

About the Authors

David B. Little is the Senior Product Specialist for VERITAS NetBackup. For the last thirty-five years, he has held a variety of technical positions working with enterprise companies.

David A. Chapa is the Director of Consulting Services for DataStaff, Inc. and co-founder and Vice President of Gray House Solutions, Inc., a software company that provides integrated disaster recovery solutions. His experience spans eighteen years in the computer industry.

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Implementing Backup and Recovery-The Readiness Guide for the Enterprise (VERITAS Series)

David B. Little

David A. Chapa

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Dedicated to Overlin L. Chapa, 1933-2001


Dad, I only wish I could hand you a copy of this.

About the Authors

David B. Little joined VERITAS Software in April 1997. He was a support engineer and helped develop the multi-tiered support model that is a cornerstone of the world-class support organization. In 1999, he joined the Sales department as a technical product specialist. In this capacity he has traveled around the world promoting NetBackup and frequently speaking at user conferences. He also teaches NetBackup to internal VERITAS engineers and consultants as well as partners, resellers, and customers.

Prior to joining VERITAS, Dave worked at Control Data Corporation/ Control Data Systems Incorporated for almost 30 years. He worked as a software support engineer for NetBackup and various UNIX operating systems. He was also the leading support engineer for the super computers including the Cyber 205 and the ETA10.

Dave lives in Minnesota with his wife Nancy, cat Buster, and dog Astro.

David A. Chapa wears many hats at DataStaff ( In his official role he is the Consulting Manager responsible for managing the vision and direction of the consulting practices. He is also co-founder of Gray House Solutions (, a software company providing integrated disaster recovery solutions whose flagship product is Duplication Suite.

Prior to joining DataStaff, he held several senior level technical positions with various software manufacturers in the Backup Storage Management market space. His experience spans 18 years in the computer industry with such companies as Cheyenne Software, Unisys, OpenVision, and NSI Software, with the last 10 years focused solely on data availability and storage.

The first version of NetBackup he worked with goes all the way back to version 1.6 while he was employed with OpenVision. While at OpenVision he formally prepared and presented NetBackup Training for many large companies across the country and Canada. David is a Certified Veritas NetBackup Instructor for both NetBackup Fundamentals Class and the Advanced NetBackup class. David is an energetic and dynamic speaker who brings a great deal of experiential knowledge, humor, and keen insight to his presentations. He has been a speaker at VERITAS Vision, Chicago Software Association's discussion on Backup Storage Management principles, and a number of user groups in the past. His Web site,, has built a community where sharing of ideas, scripts, tips, and concepts has provided a great deal of value to its members and best of all, it is free. Today David remains a billable consultant. He enjoys the client contact and continues to find the work challenging and stimulating as he helps his clients discover new ways to protect their digital business assets.


I want to first thank my wife, Nancy, for all her support during this long and sometimes arduous process. Thanks for doing all the driving so I could work on the book. We can't accomplish much without a supportive family behind us and I am no exception. My kids, Dan, Lisa, Jill, Jeff, and Amanda, have always been there as well as my parents, Ray David and Jeffie Little. Thanks to you all.

I would also like to give a special thanks to my co-workers Jim Coby and Mark Erickson who were there to help and also provided content when asked. I am sure my family and my co-workers were beginning to wonder if there really was a book. I guess this is the proof.

A special thanks also goes out to Dave High who was willing to review the chapters as I completed them and took the time from his own busy schedule to provide comments and feedback. This book would never even have happened without the support of Scott Tirrell and Brad Hargett who afforded me the time as needed. I would also like to thank the following VERITAS people who were willing to review parts of the book and offer comments: Danny Dunn, Erik Moller, Bill Drazkowski, Shawn Aquino, John Moore, Terry Noonan, Jim Olson, and Hector Herrero. Charlie Van Meter and Bob Santiago skillfully provided the figures, especially the better ones.

I would like to thank the staff at John Wiley & Sons for being patient with a beginning author and taking the time to help me through some of the rough spots. The original drivers behind this entire project were Paul Massiglia and Richard Barker. They are to be either thanked or blamed.

-David B. Little

To my parents for always believing that I could do anything I put my mind to, thanks mom and dad.

Thanks to Kevin Weiss, my friend and boss, and to everyone at DataStaff for their constant encouragement.

Thanks to Peter L. Buschman, friend and co-laborer in the field of backup storage management. Your keen insights continue to challenge me to think not only outside the box but to search for an entirely new box to explore.

Thanks to Paul Massiglia at VERITAS for his sage advice as a seasoned author and to Dave Little for asking me to jump on board with this project. It's been a great experience so when's the next one Dave?

Thank you must go out to Charlie Van Meter, VERITAS, and his team for taking our diagrams, pictures, and drawings and making us look good!

All the great folks at Wiley, thank you for allowing me this opportunity, especially to Adaobi Obi Tulton and Carol Long for challenging us to push forward! And Angela Smith for her diligence.

To the Starbucks in Lake Geneva, WI-many thanks! I did most of my writing after work in that little shop on a $1.83, venti coffee-no room, thank you very much. Thanks for putting up with me!

To my brother Joe, for helping me with the equations for the backup models and his all around support and prayer.

With great thanks to the many people at my church Redeemer PCA for their continued encouragement, support, and prayer through this project.

And with eternal thanks to my lovely wife Jill (I love you) for giving up so many evenings and weekends together so I could work on this book; and to our children, Ashley and Tyler (I love you two so much), who caught the writing bug and started a few of their own books while daddy was working on his.

There are many others who have helped me throughout my career, both personally and professionally, every one of them were instrumental in getting me to this point. Thanks to Kathy DeLeo, Jeff Gentges, Wendy Petty, Yuda Doron, Betty McGee, Craig Burdett, Bob Allums, Brian and Leslie Schwartz, Steve Alburty, and everyone else who has had an impact on my life.

Lastly, but certainly not least is my thanks to God; it's only by the strength of Christ that I was able to juggle so many things during this project and my busy life. Thank you.

-David A. Chapa

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