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object-oriented programming: from problem solving to java
Object-Oriented Programming: From Problem Solving to Java
by†Jose M. Garrido ISBN:1584502878
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This thorough text teaches the fundamental principles of object-oriented programming using Java. The author uses pseudo-code to describe each problem's solution, and then asks readers to implement the solution using actual Java code.

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Table of Contents
Object-Oriented Programming—From Problem Solving to Java
Chapter 1 - Computer Systems
Chapter 2 - Program Development
Chapter 3 - Objects and Classes
Chapter 4 - Object-Oriented Programs
Chapter 5 - Objects and Methods
Chapter 6 - Data and Algorithms
Chapter 7 - Selection
Chapter 8 - Repetition
Chapter 9 - Arrays
Chapter 10 - Strings
Chapter 11 - Basic Object-Oriented Modeling
Chapter 12 - Inheritance
Chapter 13 - Abstract Classes, Interfaces, and Polymorphism
Chapter 14 - Basic Graphical User Interfaces
Chapter 15 - Exceptions and I/O
Chapter 16 - Recursion
Chapter 17 - Threads
Appendix A
Appendix B
List of Figures
List of Tables
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Object-Oriented Programming: From Problem Solving to Java provides a thorough, easy-to-follow reference to master object-oriented programming principles. Throughout the text, problem solving and programming techniques are presented in modeling diagrams, pseudo-code, and flowcharts. Users then learn how to put theory into practice using actual Java code. Unlike “cookbook” guides—where users blindly follow the instructions—this book encourages users to explore their problem solving creativity, and then test their ideas in a real-world environment. By first learning the concepts involved in object-oriented programming, and then learning how to put them into use, readers not only learn Java, but they also learn how to become more efficient programmers.


  • Encourages users to find creative, practical solutions to programming problems, and allows them to test their ideas with object-oriented programming
  • Uses pseudocode to describe a problem’s solution; then uses Java as the implementation language
  • Organized to follow introductory courses in programming principles; exercise sets and “key terms” are included to reinforce concepts
  • Provides a gentle learning curve to those with little or no programming experience, taking novice users to a higher level of proficiency

About the Author

Josť Garrido is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. He holds a Ph.D. in Information Technology from George Mason University, and has written three books on using object-oriented programming in discrete-event simulation.

Object-Oriented Programming—From Problem Solving to Java

Josť M. Garrido


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 Object oriented programming: from problem solving to Java
/ Josť M. Garrido.
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I dedicate this book to my wife Gisela and my two sons, Maximiliano and Constantino, for their love and support.