macromedia COLDFUSION MX 7 Web Application Construction Kit

book cover
macromedia® COLDFUSION® MX 7 Web Application Construction Kit
By Ben Forta, Raymond Camden, Leon Chalnick, Angela Buraglia
Publisher: Macromedia
Pub Date: March 23, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-22367-5
Pages: 1440

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With more than 75 of the Fortune 100 companies using it (and more than 10,000 organizations employing it worldwide), it's pretty much a given that if you're developing applications for the Web, you're going to need to know ColdFusion at some point! Not to worry: Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7 Web Application Construction Kit provides everything you need to start creating Web-based applications immediatelyincluding the latest version of the ColdFusion Web Application Server and development environment. Author and ColdFusion master Ben Forta starts by covering the fundamentals of Web-based database design and then proceeds to show you how to do everything from create data-driven pages to build complete applications, implement security mechanisms, integrate with e-mail, interact with Macromedia Flash, and more. From design and installation to application deployment and troubleshooting, this guide's got ColdFusion covered, including all the features new to the latest version: structured business reports, rich forms, Enterprise Manager (which lets users cluster multiple ColdFusion servers on a single machine), and more!

book cover
macromedia® COLDFUSION® MX 7 Web Application Construction Kit
By Ben Forta, Raymond Camden, Leon Chalnick, Angela Buraglia
Publisher: Macromedia
Pub Date: March 23, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-22367-5
Pages: 1440

Table of Contents  | Index

      Who Should Use This Book
      How to Use This Book
   Part 1.  Getting Started
      Chapter 1.  Introducing ColdFusion
      The Basics
      Understanding ColdFusion
      ColdFusion Explained
      Powered by ColdFusion
      Chapter 2.  Introducing Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004
      Dreamweaver MX 2004 Overview
      Preparing to Use Dreamweaver
      Site Definitions
      Working with Files
      The Dreamweaver Workspace
      Managing Panels
      Code Editing
      Design Tools
      Customizing Dreamweaver
      Getting Help
      Chapter 3.  Accessing the ColdFusion Administrator
      Logging Into (and Out of) the ColdFusion Administrator
      Using the ColdFusion Administrator
      Chapter 4.  Previewing ColdFusion
      Preparing to Learn ColdFusion
      Using Dreamweaver Code Generation
      Trying It Yourself
      Browsing the Examples and Tutorials
      Chapter 5.  Building the Databases
      Database Fundamentals
      Using a Database
      Understanding Relational Databases
      Understanding the Various Types of Database Applications
      Understanding the OWS Database Tables
      Chapter 6.  Introducing SQL
      Understanding Data Sources
      Creating A Data Source
      Preparing to Write SQL Queries
      Creating Queries
      Sorting Query Results
      Filtering Data
      Chapter 7.  SQL Data Manipulation
      Adding Data
      Modifying Data
      Deleting Data
   Part 2.  Using ColdFusion
      Chapter 8.  Using ColdFusion
      Working with Templates
      Using Functions
      Using Variables
      Working with Expressions
      Using ColdFusion Data Types
      Commenting Your Code
      Chapter 9.  CFML Basics
      Working with Conditional Processing
      If Statements
      Using Looping
      Reusing Code
      Revisiting Variables
      Chapter 10.  Creating Data-Driven Pages
      Accessing Databases
      Displaying Database Query Results
      Using Query Variables
      Grouping Result Output
      Using Data Drill-Down
      Debugging Dynamic Database Queries
      Chapter 11.  The Basics of Structured Development
      Understanding Structured Development
      Introducing ColdFusion Components
      More On Using ColdFusion Components
      Chapter 12.  ColdFusion Forms
      Using Forms
      Creating Forms
      Processing Form Submissions
      Creating Dynamic SQL Statements
      Building Truly Dynamic Statements
      Creating Dynamic Search Screens
      Chapter 13.  Form Data Validation
      Understanding Form Validation
      Using Server-Side Validation
      Using Client-Side Validation
      Putting It All Together
      Chapter 14.  Using Forms to Add or Change Data
      Adding Data with ColdFusion
      Introducing <cfinsert>
      Updating Data with ColdFusion
      Introducing <cfupdate>
      Deleting Data with ColdFusion
      Reusing Forms
      Creating a Complete Application
      Chapter 15.  Beyond HTML Forms: Flash and XForms
      Using Flash Forms
      Using XForms
      Chapter 16.  Graphing, Printing, and Reporting
      Generating Graphs
      Creating Printable Pages
      Generating Reports
      Chapter 17.  Debugging and Troubleshooting
      Troubleshooting ColdFusion Applications
      Using the ColdFusion Debugging Options
      Using the ColdFusion Log Files
      Preventing Problems
   Part 3.  Building ColdFusion Applications
      Chapter 18.  Planning an Application
      Getting Started on Your Application
      Planning the Process
      While You Are Working
      Chapter 19.  Introducing the Web Application Framework
      Using Application.cfc
      Using Application Variables
      Customizing the Look of Error Messages
      Using Locks to Protect Against Race Conditions
      Application Variable Timeouts
      Chapter 20.  Working with Sessions
      Addressing the Web's Statelessness
      Using Cookies to Remember Preferences
      Using Client Variables
      Using Session Variables
      Locking Revisited
      Working with onSessionStart and onSessionEnd
      Chapter 21.  Securing Your Applications
      Options for Securing Your Application
      Using ColdFusion to Control Access
      Using Session Variables for Authentication
      Using Operating System Security
      Defending against Cross-Site Scripting
      Chapter 22.  Building User-Defined Functions
      Thinking About Extending CFML
      Functions Turn Input into Output
      Building Your First UDF
      Creating Libraries of Related UDFs
      Creating General-Purpose UDFs
      Sharing UDF Libraries with Others
      Chapter 23.  Building Reusable Components
      Easy, Powerful Extensibility
      Introducing CFML Custom Tags
      How to Use Custom Tags
      Controlling Template Locations with <cfmodule>
      Writing Custom Tags That Display Information
      Custom Tags That Process Data
      Custom Tags That Encapsulate Business Rules
      Custom Tags for General-Purpose Use
      Additional Custom Tag Topics
      Introducing ColdFusion Components
      Your First CFC
      A More Complete CFC
      Components that Hold Instance Data
      Learning More About CFCs
      Chapter 24.  Improving the User Experience
      Usability Considerations
      Remembering Settings
      Creating Next-n Records Interfaces
      Returning Page Output Right Away with <cfflush>
      Chapter 25.  Improving Performance
      Options in the ColdFusion Administrator
      Improving Query Performance with Caching
      Caching Page Output
      Chapter 26.  Integrating with Macromedia Flash
      Flash Integration Concepts
      Your First Flash Movie
      Using Flash Remoting
      Working with Recordsets in Flash
      Calling CFC Methods from Flash
      Other Cool Flash Remoting Features
      Chapter 27.  Interacting with Email
      Sending Email from ColdFusion
      Retrieving Email with ColdFusion
      Chapter 28.  Online Commerce
      Building E-commerce Sites
      Creating Storefronts
      Creating Shopping Carts
      Payment Processing
      Other Commerce-Related Tasks
   Part 4.  Advanced ColdFusion
   Part 5.  APPENDICES
      Appendix A.  Installing ColdFusion MX 7, Dreamweaver MX 2004, and the Sample Files
      Dreamweaver MX 2004
      ColdFusion MX 7
      Installing the ColdFusion Report Builder
      Installing Dreamweaver Extensions
      Samples & Data Files
      Appendix B.  ColdFusion Tag Reference
      Tag Groups by Function
      Alphabetical List of ColdFusion Tags
      Appendix C.  ColdFusion Function Reference
      Functions by Topic
      Alphabetical List of ColdFusion Functions
      Appendix D.  Special ColdFusion Variables and Result Codes
      Special ColdFusion Variables and Result Codes
      Appendix E.  Verity Search Language
      Using Angle Brackets Around Operators
      Operators Are Not Case Sensitive
      Using Prefix Instead of Infix Notation
      Searching for Special Characters as Literals
      Understanding Concept Operators
      Understanding Evidence Operators
      Understanding Proximity Operators
      Understanding Relational Operators
      Understanding Search Modifiers
      Understanding Score Operators
      Appendix F.  ColdFusion MX 7 Directory Structure
      Appendix G.  Sample Application Data Files
      Sample Application Data Files