Launching Your Yahoo Business

book cover
Launching Your Yahoo!® Business
By Frank Fiore, Linh Tank
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: March 24, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-7897-3533-4
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3533-1
Pages: 288

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You've made the decision to take your business online, but where do you go from here?  Launching Your Yahoo! Business helps you do everything from creating a business plan to using basic marketing strategies to promote your business to managing a Yahoo! store. It also includes tips and warnings on how to avoid common pitfalls, as well as terms and directions to web resources for additional information. This book will show you how to put the "e" in e-commerce with a successful Yahoo! store.

book cover
Launching Your Yahoo!® Business
By Frank Fiore, Linh Tank
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: March 24, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-7897-3533-4
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3533-1
Pages: 288

Table of Contents  | Index

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      Who Should Buy This Book
      What's in This Book
      Yahoo! Store Setup Steps
    Part I:  Putting the "e" in Commerce
      Chapter 1.  eCommerce Basics
      Why a Yahoo! Store?
      Today's eShopper
      Yahoo! StoresEmpowering eCommerce
      Chapter 2.  Choosing a Product or Service
      Selling to Human Motivations
      Selling to Human Needs
      Should I Sell a Product or Service?
      Chapter 3.  Creating a Unique Selling Position
      What's In It for Me?
      Differentiating Yourself from Your Competition
      Positioning Your BusinessThe Marketing Mix
      The Big Five of eCommerce
    Part II:  Planning Your Yahoo! Business
      Chapter 4.  Planning to Succeed
      Why Plan Your Business?
      Some Tips Before You Start
      Choosing a Business Identity
      Establishing Your Online Domain
      Chapter 5.  Important Elements of a Business Plan
      Answering the Essential Questions
      Business Plan Elements
      Chapter 6.  Setting Up Your Business Accounts
      Boarding the Information Highway
      Setting Up Your Email Account
      Setting Up Your Shipping Center
      Choosing Your Shipping Method
      Setting Up Your Merchant Account
    Part III:  Setting Up Your Yahoo! Store
      Chapter 7.  Tools of the Trade
      Basic ToolsHardware Requirements
      Basic Tools: Software Requirements
      Virus and Spyware Protection
      Accounting Software
      Setting Up the Home Office/Small Office
      Home Office Equipment Checklist
      Chapter 8.  Choosing a Merchant Solutions Package
      Yahoo Merchant Solutions
      Deciding How to Build Your Store
      Clicks Versus Bricks
      Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Yahoo! Store
      Chapter 9.  Creating Your Yahoo! Store
      Planning Your Website Content
      Organizing Your Materials
      Getting Started
      Two Ways to Add a Product
      Customizing Your Page Layout and Navigation
      Editing the Home Page
      Publishing Your Store
      Chapter 10.  Setting Up Your Yahoo! Store Order Settings
      Setting Up Your Shipping Options
      Using Checkout Manager to Customize the Checkout Pages
      Using Inventory Management
      Setting Up Your Merchant Account
      Payment Methods
      Setting Up Tax Rates
      Setting Up Your Email Accounts
      Publishing Your Order Settings
    Part IV:  Launching Your Yahoo! Store
      Chapter 11.  Basic MarketingPromoting Your Yahoo! Store for Free
      Start in Meatspace
      Using Yahoo! Properties to Promote for Free
      Chapter 12.  Search Engine Optimization and Listing
      Registering Your Store at Search Engines and Directories
      Search Engine Optimization
      Identify Keywords
      Adding Meta Tags in Store Editor
      Search Engine Strategy
      Using Yahoo! Store Search Stats
      Chapter 13.  Marketing and Merchandising Your Store Using Yahoo! Tools
      Developing Your Merchandising Strategy
      Permission MarketingDirect Marketing
      Register with Online Shopping Destinations
      Yahoo! Merchant Ratings and Reviews
    Part V:  Managing Day-to-Day Business
      Chapter 14.  To Do ListManaging Workflow
      Processing Orders
      Reviewing Orders for Fraud
      Managing Inventory
      Viewing Site Statistics
      Generating Sales Reports
      Chapter 15.  Customer Service and Shipping
      Customer ServiceKeeping Your Customers Happy
      Problem Resolution
      Customer FeedbackYahoo! Ratings
      Shipping Your Products
      Basic Record Keeping
      Yahoo! As a Partner Help Desk
    Part VI:  Appendixes
      Appendix A.  Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tasks
      Daily Tasks
      Weekly Tasks
      Monthly Tasks
      Appendix B.  Important Resources on the Web
      Yahoo! Store Resources
      Email Discussion Lists
      eBusiness Publications
      General Resources
      Mailing List Resources
      Financial Resources
      Appendix C.  Unique Selling Position Worksheet
      Shopper Motivations to Buy
      Meeting Human Needs
      The Four Ps of a USP
      The Three Cs of eCommerce
      The Big Five of Online Shopping
      Integrating Your List and Establishing the USP