Succeeding At Your Yahoo Business

book cover
Succeeding At Your Yahoo!® Business
By Frank Fiore, Linh Tang
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: June 06, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-7897-3534-2
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3534-8
Pages: 384

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The Yahoo! Stores have grown into one of the largest online shopping destinations on the Web today. The nearly 20,000 Yahoo! Stores have a 71% reach among online consumers, the highest on the Web. Many of these stores have become so successful that they have grown from small 'mom and pop' or part time businesses into full time money-making ventures. A whole new set of skills and knowledge are needed to operate a Yahoo Store like a full time eCommerce business.

Succeeding At Your Yahoo! Business teaches you how to customize a Yahoo! Store using the basic elements of the popular web design program Dreamweaver, including architecting an eCommerce web site. It then takes three different types of Yahoo! Stores and deconstructs them, showing you how they are formed and how they sell the products or services they offer. There is also an entire section on how to position a Yahoo! Store, acquire customers, and retain those customers. Finally, the book will show you how to set up the necessary accounting and operations systems, and how to hire the staff necessary to successfully run your business.

book cover
Succeeding At Your Yahoo!® Business
By Frank Fiore, Linh Tang
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: June 06, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-7897-3534-2
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3534-8
Pages: 384

Table of Contents  | Index

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      Who Should Buy This Book
      What's in This Book
    Part I:  Yahoo! Store to the Next Level
          Chapter 1.  Can You Make a Living from Your Yahoo! Store?
      What Does a Virtual Business Involve?
      Important Areas to Consider
      Building a Professional E-Commerce Site for Success
          Chapter 2.  Plan to Succeed
      Choosing a Business Identity: Who R U?
      Establishing a Legal Identity
      Your Marketing Plan
      Defining Your Market Segment: Targeting the Customer
      Describing the Competition
      Managing Your Business
      Detailing Your Capital Requirements
          Chapter 3.  Architecting Your Online Storefront
      Website Development Versus E-Commerce Site Development
      The Three Cs
      Commerce: Adding Multiple Revenue Streams
      Your USP: Unique Selling Position
    Part II:  Customizing the Yahoo! Store
          Chapter 4.  Storyboarding Your E-Commerce Site
      Storyboarding for Fun and Profit
      The Most Important Pages of an E-Commerce Site
          Chapter 5.  Customizing Your Yahoo! Store
      Why You Should Customize Your Store
      When to Customize Your Store
      Different Options for Customizing Your Store
      Customize: Design It Yourself or Hire an Expert
          Chapter 6.  Yahoo! Store Features and Advanced Techniques
      Advanced Store-Layout Options and Ideas
      Advanced Store-Navigation Options and Ideas
      Advanced Promotional Options and Ideas
      Advanced Search Engine Options and Ideas
      Creating Product Pages Using Database Upload
      Uploading Multiple Images at Once
          Chapter 7.  Yahoo! Store Tips and Tricks
      Enabling the Built-In Breadcrumbs
      Click to Enlarge
      Cascading Style Sheets
      Quantity Box
      Radio Button Options
      Free Forms (Email Form)
      List of On-Sale Items
      Related Items
      Text Page Titles
      Shipment Status Form
          Chapter 8.  Designing Your Customized Yahoo! Store to Sell
      Eighteen Tips Every Yahoo! Store Owner Needs to Know
      Eight Design Pitfalls You Need to Avoid
      Fifty-One Words That Sell
    Part III:  Deconstructing a Yahoo! Store
          Chapter 9.  Digital Product Store
      General Company Information
      Product Information
      How Do Digital Products Work?
      Pros and Cons of Selling Digital Products
      Selling Both Mac and PC Platform File Formats
      The Evolution of WriteExpress's Website Design
      Additional Tips from WriteExpress
          Chapter 10.  Manufactured Product Store
      General Company Information
      Product Information
      Website Layout and Advanced Features
      Backend System
      Online and Offline Marketing Strategies
      Tips and Recommendations from Owner Craig Abbey
          Chapter 11.  High-Volume Product Store
      General Company Information
      Product Information
      Website Layout and Advanced Features
      Creating Multiple Website Niches with the Same Product Line
      Neeps Backend System
      Setting Up Your Warehouse and Bin Location System
      Online and Offline Marketing Strategies
      Creating Repeat Customers
    Part IV:  Growing Your Online Business
          Chapter 12.  The Power of PARM: Positioning Your Business
      The Power of PARM
      Positioning Your Business
      Tips for Online Branding
      Branding with the Big 5
          Chapter 13.  Acquiring Customers (Part 1)
      Watering-Hole Marketing
      Email Marketing
      Internal Marketing
          Chapter 14.  Acquiring Customers (Part 2)
      Using Search Engines for Marketing
      Search-Engine Marketing
          Chapter 15.  Retaining Customers
      The Importance of Retention
      Building a House List
      Steps to Email Marketing Success
      Succeeding with Email Newsletters
      Using Community as Retention
          Chapter 16.  Monetizing
      Creating Home Pages That Sell
      Avoiding Fraud
          Chapter 17.  Monitoring Site Sales and Performance
      Mining Your Server Logs
      Using Yahoo! Site Stats Resources
          Chapter 18.  Public Relations
      What Is Public Relations?
      The Online Press Room
      Constructing the Press Release
      Outsourcing Your Public Relations
    Part V:  Operating Your Yahoo! Business
          Chapter 19.  Customer Service
      Service Starts Before the Sale
      Service During the Sale
      Service After the Sale
      Follow-Up After the Sale
      Many Happy Returns
          Chapter 20.  Warehousing and Inventory Control
      Setting Up Your Warehouse
      Inventory Control
      Just-in-Time Delivery: Saving Money on Storage
      Using UPS Online Tools to Streamline Your Shipping Process
      Packaging Tips
          Chapter 21.  Financial Planning
      The Proforma
      Organizing Your Financial Statements
      Quick Steps to Creating Your Financials
    Part VI:  Manning Your Yahoo! Business
          Chapter 22.  Finding and Hiring
      Assigning and Understanding Staff Duties
      Independent Contractor Versus Employee
      The Hiring Process
      Hiring the Right Person
      Where to Find and Hire Employees
      Interviewing Candidates
      Screening Backgrounds and Checking References
      Hiring Family and Friends
      How Much Should I Pay?: Setting Pay Levels
      Getting Part-Time Help
      Getting Free Help
      Keeping Good Employees
          Appendix A.  Launching Your Yahoo! Business Quick Start Guide
      Step 1: Register your Domain Name and Sign Up for a Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Account.
      Step 2: Explore the Manage My Services Control Panel.
      Step 3: Set Up the Capability to Accept Payments Online. Sign Up for a Merchant Account or Use Your Existing Merchant Account.
      Step 4: Organize and Add Products to Your Store.
      Step 5: Customize Your Store Layout and Navigation.
      Step 6: Configure Your Backend Systems and Operations.
      Step 7: Publish Your Site; Open Your Store for Business.
          Appendix B.  Business Plan Elements
      Who Is Your Business?
      What Does It Sell?
      Why Is It a Business? What Need Does It Solve?
      What Is the Implementation Plan?
      Where Is Your Business and What Markets/Customers Will It Service?
      How Will You Market Your Business and Your Product or Service?
      How Much Money Will You Need to Get Your Business Started and Running?
      Pulling It Together: The Business Plan Elements
          Appendix C.  Important Resources on the Web
      Yahoo! Store Resources
      Deconstructing Yahoo! Store Participants
      Email Discussion Lists
      E-Business Publications
      Employment Websites
      Press Release Distribution Services
      Mailing List Resources
      Financial Resources
      Web Analysis Tools and Services
      General Resources