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trucluster server handbook
TruCluster Server Handbook
byScott Fafrak, Jim Lola, Dennis O'Brien, Gregory YatesandBrad Nichols ISBN:1555582591
Digital Press 2003 (854 pages)

This text authoritatively details how to plan, design, install, configure, and administer a cluster of Tru64 UNIX systems, and explains how to configure and optimize hardware underlying a TruCluster server and more.

Table of Contents
TruCluster Server Handbook
Part I - The Introduction
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Tru64 UNIX & TruCluster Server Overview
Part II - Design and Configuration of a Try64 UNIX Cluster
Chapter 3 - Designing and Planning a Cluster
Chapter 4 - Cluster Configuration Planning
Part III - Installing and Configuring Tru64 UNIX
Chapter 5 - Installation and Configuration of Tru64 UNIX
Part IV - Cluster Hooks
Chapter 6 - Tru64 UNIX Cluster Hooks—File System Hierarchy, CDSL, & PID
Chapter 7 - Tru64 UNIX Cluster Hooks—Device Naming & Hardware Management
Chapter 8 - Tru64 UNIX Cluster Hooks— Event Manager
Chapter 9 - Tru64 UNIX Cluster Hooks—NIFF, NetRAIN, & LAG
Part V - Creating a Cluster
Chapter 10 - Creating a Single-Node Cluster
Part VI - Adding and Removing Cluster Members
Chapter 11 - Adding a Cluster Member/Deleting a Cluster Member
Chapter 12 - Cluster Hooks Revisited
Part VII - Cluster Subsystems
Chapter 13 - The Cluster File System (CFS)
Chapter 14 - The Cluster Logical Storage Manager (CLSM)
Chapter 15 - The Device Request Dispatcher (DRD)
Chapter 16 - The Cluster Alias Subsystem (CLUA)
Chapter 17 - The Connection Manager
Chapter 18 - Miscellaneous Subsystems
Part VII - Cluster System Administration
Chapter 19 - System Administration Tasks
Chapter 20 - Network Administration Tasks
Chapter 21 - Cluster Administration Tasks
Chapter 22 - Cluster Maintenance and Recovery
Part IX - Application Deployment in a Cluster
Chapter 23 - Cluster Application Availability (CAA)
Chapter 24 - CAA by Example
Part X - Upgrading and Patching a Cluster
Chapter 25 - Performing a Rolling Upgrade
Chapter 26 - Migrating to TruCluster Server
Part XI - Appendix
Appendix A - TruCluster Server Troubleshooting
Appendix B - Resources
Appendix C - Index
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The TruCluster Server Handbook authoritatively details how to plan, design, install, configure, and administer a cluster of Tru64 UNIX systems. The book explains how to configure and optimize hardware underlying a TruCluster server, including a TruCluster server, including storage servers so critical to running a high-end cluster operation. This book provides best practices and techniques drawn from the authors’ extensive experiences in the filed with systems designers, systems managers, developers, and users. The authors include a former Tru64 UNIX Technical Group Leader with HP’s Consulting Division and a top industry figure, and two former TruCluster Server Team Leaders with the Customer Support Center.

  • Learn to install TruCluster Server from the ground up
  • Get the most out of your cluster environment with the author’s practical tips and tricks
  • Attain availability, scalability, and simplified manageability in your IT systems operation

About the Authors

Scott Fafrak is a Senior Consutant and Instructor for BRUDEN Corporation which provides TruCluster, Tru64, UNIX, and OpenVMS training and course development throughout the US.

Jim Lola is a Senior Systems Programmer and Manager, UNIX Systems Programming for CIT, Genetech, Inc., South San Francisco, CA.

Dennis O’Brien is Vice President and co-founder of the BRUDEN Corporation.

Greg Yates is a Senior consultant in the Tru64 UNIX Support organization, Hewlett-Packard Company.

Brad Nichols is a Technical Consultant in the Tru64 UNIX Engineering organization, Hewlett-Packard Company.

Scott and Greg are two of the co-authors of Tru64 UNIX System Administrator’s Guide (Digital Press, 2001).