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I was recently chatting with a Visio manager I used to work with about this book and joked that it was an extended love letter to Visio. The truth is, from the time I first started working with Visio products in February 1995, I knew that the product and the people who created it were unusual—the product in its scope, and the people in their thoughtfulness. I hope this book is as intelligent, thorough, and thoughtful as the software it describes and the people who designed that software.

Thanks to the people at Microsoft Press for their expansive vision of the Inside Out series, and thanks to Kong Cheung, acquisitions editor, for entrusting the Visio book to Resources Online and me. Sandra Haynes and Aileen Wrothwell, my project editors at Microsoft Press, have my gratitude and admiration for their astonishing grace under pressure.

My huge thanks go to the other talented contributors who helped me create the contents of this book: Brie Gyncild (who also provided essential moral support at the outset), Lori Goff, Judy Lemke, Ellen Wixted, Cynthia Peterson, and April Richards. Thanks to Tory McLearn, project manager, for smoothing the way from coast to coast; to Terry O'Donnell, technical editor, for keeping me honest; to Erin Milnes and Norreen Holmes, manuscript editors, for making every sentence sound better; to the production artists for making every page look better; and to Jan C. Wright, the best indexer in the business. Among my Resources Online colleagues, I must thank Jim Larkin for the sage advice, hardware, and emergency repairs; Tycen Hopkins for patient technical support; and Terry Brandli for all the lunches.

In addition, so many of my friends on the Visio team helped me. Special thanks to Elise Jones for everything; to David Larkin, Jason Sutherland, and Darrin House for much-needed answers and last-minute builds; and to Beck Andros, Nancy Matthew, David Salaguinto, Ronnie Ang, Bill Holt, Michael Kallay, and Barry Allyn for essential source materials.

And a wink to Mitch Boss and Mark Davison, who wondered all those years ago whether it was worth their time to teach yet another writer about Visio from the inside out. You still may wonder, but I appreciate your efforts. Couldn't have written this without you.

—Nanette J. Eaton