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the 10 immutable laws of power selling
The 10 Immutable Laws of Power Selling
by James DeSena  ISBN:0071416617
McGraw-Hill © 2004 (217 pages)

This book shows how to become a self-starter who seeks challenges, adapts to changing conditions, and generates innovative solutions that add value.

Table of Contents
The 10 Immutable Laws of Power Selling
Part I - Make the Sale—Four Strategies for producing High-Value Solutions and Building Lasting Customer Relationships
Law 1- Create High value
Law 2- Decide on your market
Law 3- Develop Customer Expertise in Your Selected Market
Law 4- Build Relationships for Repeat Business
Part II - Take the Lead—Find the Limits and Then Exceed Them by Owning Innovative Customer Solutions
Law 5- Start with a Leader’s Perspective
Law 6- Lead from Within
Law 7- Make It a Team Effort
Part III - Win—Tips and Techniques for Getting Results, Accomplishing Priorities, and Creating Continuing Success
Law 8- Build Lasting Success
Law 9- Drive Toward exceptional Results
Law 10- Manage Multiple Customer Priorities
Closing Thoughts—Always Strive to Improve
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Don’t just watch them—join them! Become a member of that elite group of sales pros who consistently break records in every selling environment. The 10 Immutable Laws of Power Selling reveals the secrets of the world’s greatest power sellers and shows you how to set some records of your own.

With case studies, examples, and stores from such leading companies as Bayer, Harris, Marriott, Siemens, and others, expert sales consultant and trainer James DeSena shows how to become a self-starter who seeks challenges, adapts to changing conditions, and generates innovative solutions that add value. In mastering DeSena’s 10 laws, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make more sales and earn higher commissions—even in a recession
  • Find new and better ways to serve customers every day
  • Identify clients’ needs and forge solutions to fit those needs
  • Build and manage strong customer relationships for long-term success

About the Author

James DeSena has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 and growing organizations develop compelling business strategies; sell high-value, innovative customer solutions in an environment of rapid change; and provide award-winning customer service.

The 10 Immutable Laws of Power Selling

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DeSena, James A.
Take the lead and win : 10 imperatives for becoming top sales producer in any market / James A. DeSena.
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ISBN 0-07-141661-7

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To those with courage


There are many people I would like to thank for their help, insight, and guidance in writing this book. First are the people to whom this book is dedicated, my family, whose support, love, and real-world lessons gave life to this book: my wife, Terry, who has been by my side as my life partner, my alter ego, and my wise counselor, seeing things that I couldn’t see; my daughter Trier, who helped with the original outline and assembly of material and whose work as an elementary school-teacher inspires me and gives lifelong learning to the children in her classes; my daughter Jamie, who has proofed and edited many documents for me and whose quick insights have always been remarkable; and my mother, Evelyn, who has been an ardent advocate and whose vision of me as an author was gratifying. She is a fighter who never gives up on life.

Thank-you to the clients I have had the opportunity to serve. One of the things I enjoy most about my work is the people I meet. Thanks also to the many sales leaders I have had the privilege to work with. Their dedication to their field and their development and openness to learning and sharing is an asset that not only provided many of the examples in this book, but fuels our economy by bringing high-value, innovative solutions to customers. Without those solutions, there would be no progress.

Thank-you also to the following people who were instrumental in helping bring this book into being: George Gulla; Tim Polk; Tony Alessandra, PhD, CPAE, CSP; Linda Bolton; Bill Brooks, CSP, CPAE; Paula Davis; Gil Eagles, CSP, CPAE; Molly Faust; Tom Hausman; Steve Jasper; Susan Giuseppetti; Gordon Lambourne; Frank Pitt; Mark Riesenberg; Judy Shaffer; Cyndi Walsh; and Steve Wojnarowicz. Thanks to Craig Bolt at McGraw-Hill. A special thanks to Barry Neville, my editor at McGraw-Hill for his guidance and insights. Thank-you to each person who played a role in helping me to develop or write this book.