List of Figures

List of Figures

Chapter 1: Leading Lights

Lars Kolind
Max DePree
Robert Greenleaf

Chapter 2: The Moral Advantage

Figure 1: The Pyramid of Business Moralities

Chapter 3: Generative Morality: Acts of Creation

Gloria Falla
Dame Anita Roddick
John Sperling
Mike Murray

Chapter 4: Empathic Morality and the Golden Rule

Leon Gorman
Mike Markkula
Mike Hackworth
Dyana King
Rebecca Kaufman
Susan Davis
Julie Pearl

Chapter 5: Business Ethics That Come Naturally

Akosua Barthwell Evans
Amy Francetic with daughter Lucy
C. William Pollard
Norm Augustine
Dickie Sykes
Richard Jacobsen

List of Tables

Chapter 2: The Moral Advantage

Table 1: The Four Faces of Morality in Business

Chapter 6: Philanthropy in Business: Doing It Right

Table 2: Typology of Harms