Summary Checklist

  • A complete architecture documentation package consists of a set of views, along with documentation of the information that applies to more than one view.
  • The package can consist of one document, a few, or many.
  • A view packet includes a primary presentationusually graphical, including a keyand supporting documentation that explains the primary presentation.
  • Supporting documentation in a view packet includes an element catalog, a context diagram, a variability guide, architecture background, other information, and relationship to other view packets.
  • Documentation beyond views consists of a documentation roadmap, a view template, a system overview, mapping between views, a directory, a project glossary and acronym list, and rationale.
  • Document the views, and documentation beyond views, using the templates in this chapter (tailored for your own use if necessary).
  • Document the mapping between views by using a table showing how elements of one view correspond to elements of another.
  • Document the rationale behind a design decision if it seems nonobvious, is the source of questions, is critical, or has widespread effect.
  • Rationale for a design decision should include relevant constraints, rejected alternatives, ramifications of the decision, and evidence that the decision was the correct one.
  • Review documentation for fitness of purpose, using the technique of active design reviews.

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