Advanced GUI Development: Developing Beyond GUI

Advanced GUI Development Developing Beyond GUI


  • Playing with Relations
  • Obtaining Query Count Without EXECUTE-ing a Query
  • Using Form and Global Variables
  • Base Tables
  • The Power of Record Groups
  • Creating a Customized Sign-on Form
  • Avoiding Confusion Between DO_KEY and the Corresponding KEY- Trigger
  • Window Management in Forms
  • Summary

As an integral component of Oracle Developer for second-generation client/server application development, Forms has rich capabilities that also extend beyond GUI by combining the GUI with programming. This chapter is a continuation of Chapter 1, "GUI Development." It highlights some advanced techniques in Forms programming for implementing quality-assured front ends, including dynamically changing relation properties to suppress master-detail behavior, toggling between Immediate and Deferred coordination, obtaining a query count before query execution, using form and global variables, and using base tables and record groups, including dynamic record groups. This chapter also touches on the differences between DO_KEY and the corresponding KEY- trigger. A customized sign form has been a long-felt need in Forms applications, and an elegant technique for the same is discussed. Finally, some cookies about Windows management are presented.

Oracle Developer Forms Techniques
Oracle Developer Forms Techniques
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