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Adobe InDesign CS Bible
by Galen Gruman  ISBN:0764542273
John Wiley & Sons © 2004

This is a guide to creating high-impact documents using advanced, easy-to-use graphics and text features, covering InDesign's new interface enhancements and template features.

Table of Contents
Adobe InDesign CS Bible
Foreword - InDesign's Impact
Foreword - The InDesign Mission
Chapter QS - InDesign QuickStart
Part I - Welcome to InDesign
Chapter 1 - What InDesign Can Do for You
Chapter 2 - A Tour of InDesign
Chapter 3 - Getting InDesign Ready to Go
Part II - Document Fundamentals
Chapter 4 - Creating, Opening, and Saving Documents
Chapter 5 - Working with Pages
Chapter 6 - Working with Layers
Chapter 7 - Creating Layout Standards
Chapter 8 - Defining Colors and Gradients
Chapter 9 - Book Publishing
Part III - Object Fundamentals
Chapter 10 - Adding Text Frames, Picture Frames, and Lines
Chapter 11 - Manipulating Frames and Lines
Chapter 12 - Orchestrating Objects
Chapter 13 - Timesaving Techniques
Part IV - Text Fundamentals
Chapter 14 - Preparing Text Files for Import
Chapter 15 - Working with Text
Chapter 16 - Flowing Text through a Document
Chapter 17 - Specifying Character Attributes
Chapter 18 - Specifying Paragraph Attributes
Chapter 19 - Creating Special Text Formatting
Chapter 20 - Setting Up Style Sheets
Chapter 21 - Setting Up Tabs and Tables
Part V - Graphics Fundamentals
Chapter 22 - Preparing Picture Files for Import
Chapter 23 - Importing Pictures
Chapter 24 - Modifying Imported Pictures
Chapter 25 - Special Effects for Pictures
Chapter 26 - Drawing Free-Form Shapes and Curved Paths
Chapter 27 - Modifying Shapes and Paths
Chapter 28 - Treating Text as Artwork
Part VI - Output Fundamentals
Chapter 29 - Preparing for Color Prepress
Chapter 30 - Preparing for Printing
Chapter 31 - Printing Techniques
Chapter 32 - Creating Output Files
Part VII - Cross-Media Fundamentals
Chapter 33 - Interactive Document Setup
Chapter 34 - Working with XML
Part VIII - Going Beyond the Program
Chapter 35 - Working with Others
Chapter 36 - Using Plug-Ins
Chapter 37 - Using Scripts
Part IX - Introduction to Publishing
Chapter 38 - The Publishing Environment
Chapter 39 - Layout Theory and Practice
Chapter 40 - Typography Theory and Practice
Chapter 41 - Using Special Characters
Chapter 42 - Color Fundamentals
Part X - Appendixes
Appendix A - Installing or Upgrading InDesign
Appendix B - What's New in InDesign CS
Appendix C - Switching from QuarkXPress
Appendix D - Switching from PageMaker
Appendix E - Switching to Mac OS X
Appendix F - Using Adobe InCopy
Appendix G - The InDesign Central Web Site
Appendix H - Shortcuts Cheat Sheet
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Sidebars

If Adobe InDesign CS can do it, you can do it too ‚

InDesign CS brings dozens of exciting new features to an upstart layout program that is fast becoming a major powerhouse. This comprehensive reference helps you use them to create stunning catalogs, brochures , magazines, or interactive PDFs. Discover how to create and save assorted presents for easy access to proven formatting, and how to apply several levels of formatting intelligently using nested style sheets. Explore the enhanced behind-the-scenes capabilities that let InDesign make it easier than ever to produce cutting-edge documents. Everything you need to know is right here.

Inside, you ‚ ll find complete coverage of Adobe InDesign CS

  • Apply formatting to almost any object through the new Control palette
  • Make InDesign work the way you do with customizable keyboard shortcuts, workspace arrangements, and other saved presents that can be switched easily in multiuser environments
  • Increase your control over print output through new bleed and slug tools and the enhanced text-wrap tool
  • Create custom colors and duotone effects with the new ink-mixing tool
  • Integrate InDesign CS seamlessly into your production workflow with native support for Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat
  • Get answers fast, with hundreds of tips and a complete reference to shortcuts
  • Switch to InDesign from QuarkXPress or PageMaker, painlessly
  • Simplify workgroup operations with the InCopy add-on
  • Use Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP for the ultimate publishing environment

About the Authors

Galen Gruman is principal at The Zango Group , an editorial and marketing consulting firm, and senior editorial associate at BayCreative, a creative consultancy, as well as editorial director at EmergeMedia, publisher of IT Wireless . He has also been editor of Macworld and M-Business , executive editor of Upside , West Coast bureau chief of Computerworld , and vice president of content for He is coauthor of 13 other books on desktop publishing. Gruman led one of the first successful conversions of a national magazine to desktop publishing in 1986 and has covered publishing technology since then for several publications , including the trade weekly InfoWorld , for which he began writing in 1986, and Macworld , whose staff he joined in 1991.