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Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Windows XP Media Center
By Steve  Kovsky
Publisher : Que
Pub Date : December 31, 2003
ISBN : 0-7897-3003-0
Pages : 384

Use the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Windows XP Media Center to take the PC experience further! This book helps you unlock the potential of your Windows XP Media Center, in the fun, friendly Absolute Beginner's Guide style. This book covers everything you need to know to use your Media Center to its full potential, in an easy-to-understand tone that won't confuse you with lots of technical jargon.

  Table of Contents
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Windows XP Media Center
By Steve  Kovsky
Publisher : Que
Pub Date : December 31, 2003
ISBN : 0-7897-3003-0
Pages : 384
        The Evolution of the Media Center PC
        The New Digital Experience
        The Future of the Market
        You Be the Judge
      About the Author
      We Want to Hear from You!
        Why This Book?
        How We Got Here
        How to Use This Book
        On a Personal Note
      Part I:   Getting Started
          Chapter 1.   Preparing for XP Media Center
        Getting Prepared Mentally
        Getting Prepared Physically
          Chapter 2.   Basic Setup of an XP Media Center System
        Taking Inventory
        Getting Connected
          Chapter 3.   Getting Started and Taking the Tour
        Running the Setup Wizard
        Taking In the Sights
        More Orientation Tools and Options
          Chapter 4.   Navigating XP Media Center's "10-Foot" Interface
        Getting to Know the Media Center Remote Control
        Exploring the Media Center Interface
          Chapter 5.   Navigating XP Media Center's "2-Foot" Interface
        Your Windows XP Desktop
        Controlling Media Center with Your Mouse
        Controlling Media Center with Your Keyboard
        Customizing Your 2-Foot Look and Feel
      Part II:   My TV
          Chapter 6.   Watching the Show
        Why Watching TV on Your Media Center Changes Everything
        Watching TV and Time-Shifting with Your Remote Control
        Watching TV and Time-Shifting with Your Mouse and Keyboard
        Watching Out for the Kids: Using Parental Controls
          Chapter 7.   Finding Shows to Record
        About the Program Guide
        Using the Program Guide
          Chapter 8.   Recording Shows You Find
        Recording as You Watch
        Recording from the Program Guide or Search Results
        Recording Manually
        Keyword Recording
        Recording a Series
        Fine-Tuning Your Recordings
      Part III:   My Videos
          Chapter 9.   Playing and Organizing Your Digital Movies
        Navigating My Videos
        Organizing and Sorting Videos
        Watching Videos
        Troubleshooting My Videos
          Chapter 10.   Capturing and Creating Videos with Media Center
        Connecting to Your Camcorder
        Using Windows Movie Maker
      Part IV:   Playing and Recording DVDs
          Chapter 11.   Watching DVDs on an XP Media Center PC
        Basic DVD Playback
        Playback Preferences: Changing DVD Settings
        Troubleshooting DVD Playback
          Chapter 12.   Creating DVDs on an XP Media Center PC
        Choosing Your Tools
        Copying and Copyrights
        Troubleshooting the DVD Burning Experience
      Part V:   My Music
          Chapter 13.   Preparing Your Music Collection for XP Media Center
        Supported File Formats
        Putting the Music into My Music
        Ripping CDs
        Metadata Tags and You
          Chapter 14.   Playback Time: Sorting, Viewing, and Controlling Your Music
        Playing Audio CDs with Your Music Center PC
        Sorting Your Collection
        Controlling My Music Playback
        Additional Audio Options
          Chapter 15.   Radio
        Setting Up Radio
        Finding Radio Stations
        Using Presets
        Using Pause, Play, Replay, and Skip
        Adjusting Radio Settings
        Using Radio with My TV
          Chapter 16.   Customizing the Media Center Audio Experience
        Working with Playlists
        Working with Internet Radio Stations in Media Center
      Part VI:   My Pictures
          Chapter 17.   Importing and Storing Your Digital Photos
        Transferring Your Photos
        Getting Your Photos into Media Center
          Chapter 18.   Creating Slide Shows
        Selecting Pictures
        Organizing Your Pictures
        Launching a Slide Show
        Adding a Music Background
        Selecting Transitions and Durations of Photos
        Setting the Display Order for Your Slide Show
        Additional Slide Show Options
          Chapter 19.   Preparing and Sharing Digital Images
        Accessing Picture Details
        Additional Windows XP Photo Features
          Chapter 20.   Customizing the My Pictures Experience with Microsoft Picture It!
        Opening Photos with Picture It!
        Touching Up Photos
        Cropping, Resizing, and Creating Cutouts
        Adding Text or Shapes to Your Photos
        Adding Edges, Frames, and Mats
        Adding Special Effects
        Additional Options
      Part VII:   Advanced Media Center Settings and Options
          Chapter 21.   Customizing the XP Media Center Interface
        Changing Your Media Center's Appearance and Background
        Turning Media Center Sounds On or Off
        Setting Media Center's Parental Controls
        Setting Your Privacy Options
          Chapter 22.   XP Media Center and Your Home Network
        Networking Your Media Center PC: What You Can and Can't Do
        Types of Network Connections
        Setting Up Your Network for Media Center
          Chapter 23.   XP Media Center and Your Internet Connection
        Establishing Internet Connectivity with Media Center
        Online Spotlight
          Chapter 24.   Downloads and Enhancements
        Making Sure You Have the Latest Version of Media Center
        Special Media Center Downloads
        Third-Party Software Enhancements for Media Center
          Chapter 25.   Hardware Features and Options for Media Center PCs
        Media Center PCs: What's the Difference?
        Other Media Center Hardware