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don't think pink: what really makes women buy: and how to increase your share of this crucial market
Don't Think Pink: What Really Makes Women Buy: and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market
by Lisa Johnson and Andrea Learned   ISBN:081440815x
AMACOM © 2004

This solid guide is for marketers who want to reach the women's market. It will help marketers see their brands through a woman's eyes, unlocking the secrets to developing products, services and marketing strategies that truly resonate with female buyers.

Table of Contents
Don't Think Pink”What Really Makes Women Buy”and How to Increase Your Share of this Crucial Market
Chapter 1 - Brain Training”How not to Think Pink
Chapter 2 - Now You See "her" ”The Visible Approach to Marketing to Women
Chapter 3 - Now You Don't (See "her" )”The Transparent Approach to Marketing to Women
Chapter 4 - Inside a Woman's Mind”The Scientific Underpinnings
Chapter 5 - Shaping the Generations”Baby Boomers (and Matures) to Gen Yers
Chapter 6 - Looking Beyond Generations”The Buying Filters of Life Stages and Roles
Chapter 7 - Cultural Influencers”The Buying Filters of Emerging Majorities
Chapter 8 - Learning Curves and Life Stages”Relationship-Building Opportunities
Chapter 9 - The Internetsavvy Woman”Connecting with her Online
Chapter 10 - Online Research”Using e-Marketing to See Women Clearly
Chapter 11 - Enlisting Women as Your Marketing Partners”An Alliance for Brand Success
Afterword - Investing in a Transparent Future
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Purchases by women now total trillions of dollars annually, accounting for 85% of all consumer expenditures. So, reaching women should be considered the number one priority for most businesses.

Don't Think Pink will help marketers see their brands through a woman 's eyes, unlocking the secrets to developing products, services, and marketing strategies that truly resonate with female buyers .

Based on painstaking research into women's experiences and perceptions, Don't Think Pink reveals:

  • How generational history, culture, life stages, and daily realities influence a woman's buying mind
  • How the manner in which women buy is more critical than what's being sold
  • How listening to women earlier and more often leads to more powerful strategies
  • How to use the Internet and other technology -- both in market research and during the buying process -- to gain a greater understanding of female consumers
  • How to gain a bigger share of the awesome purchasing power of women

There's no question that women buy. Don't Think Pink explains what drives their buying decisions, and how businesses can capitalize on this enormous (and evergreen) market.

About the Authors

Lisa Johnson (Eugene, OR) and Andrea Learned (Burlington, VT) are cofounders of ReachWomen, a firm specializing in and advising clients on the behavior of women as consumers.

Don't Think Pink ”What Really Makes Women Buy ”and How to Increase Your Share of this Crucial Market

Lisa Johnson

Andrea Learned


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Don't think pink : what really makes women buy ”and how to increase your share of this crucial market / Lisa Johnson, Andrea Learned.
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We dedicated the book to our parents, in recognition of all their amazing support. The next in line to thank would certainly be Lisa's wonderful husband, Dave, and our siblings: Kris, Julia, Claudia and Bill.

Then, there are the editors and amazing staff at AMACOM, including Ellen Kadin, Andrew Ambraziejus, Dianne Estridge ”and the outstanding copy editor with whom we had the privilege to work, Charles Levine. You brought so much to this process, including amazing talent, much experience, lots o' humor, math skills(!!), attention to detail and dedication. You didn't just make Don't Think Pink good ”you made writing it fun!

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