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Corel Painter 8 fast&easy
By Eric D. Grebler
Publisher : Premier Press
Pub Date : 2003
ISBN : 1-59200-149-1
Pages : 368
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"Corel Painter 8 Fast & Easy" puts you on the fast track to master the latest version of this popular application. Through step-by-step instructions and screen shots, you'll learn a variety of techniques and creative tricks to create artwork quickly and make your work stand out. Use your imagination and create masterpieces that go beyond the capabilities of a traditional canvas and brush!


  • Covers the new features of the latest version of Corel Painter.

  • Uses step-by-step instructions and a ton of screenshots to get readers up and running quickly

  • Corel has a good name -- major accounts using Painter include Hallmark, BMW, and Daimler Chrysler

  • Wacom sells over 500,000 additional units of Painter with their tablets per year with every art institute in the US licensed on Corel Painter.

  • Available on both Mac and PC.

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  Table of Contents
Corel Painter 8 fast&easy
By Eric D. Grebler
Publisher : Premier Press
Pub Date : 2003
ISBN : 1-59200-149-1
Pages : 368
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    About the Author
      Who Should Read This Book?
      Some Helpful Hints
    Part I:  Painter Basics
      Chapter 1.  Getting to Know Corel Painter
      Exploring the User Interface
      Customizing the User Interface
      Saving the User Interface
      Accessing User Interface Layouts
      Chapter 2.  Painter Basics
      Creating a New Canvas
      Saving a File
      Opening a File
      Scanning an Image
      Closing a File
      Working with Multiple Documents
      Chapter 3.  Getting around in Painter
      Using the Magnifier Tool
      Working with the Magnifier Property Bar
      Using the Grabber Tool
      Using Scroll Bars
      Working with the Zoom Slider
      Using the Navigation Icon
    Part II:  Painting
      Chapter 4.  Painting
      Using Brushes
      Chapter 5.  Working with the Brush Creator
      Getting to Know the Brush Creator
      Using the Brush Creator
      Using the Scratch Pad
      Saving a Brush
      Creating a Category
      Chapter 6.  Working with Color
      Using the Colors Palette
      Working with the Mixer Palette
      Working with Color Sets
      Using the Color Info Palette
      Chapter 7.  Working with Selections
      Making Basic Selections
      Using the Lasso Tool
      Using the Magic Wand Tool
      Using the Selection Adjuster Tool
      Saving Selections
      Loading Selections
      Understanding Selection Modes
      Working with the Selection Portfolio
      Chapter 8.  Working with Patterns
      Selecting and Applying a Pattern
      Editing a Pattern
      Creating and Saving a Pattern
      Chapter 9.  Using Weaves and Gradients
      Selecting and Applying Weaves
      Understanding the Weaves Palette
      Working with Gradients
      Chapter 10.  Working with Layers
      Working with the Layers Palette
    Part III:  Effects
      Chapter 11.  Using Water Color and Liquid Ink
      Applying Water Color
      Removing Water Color
      Adjusting Water Color Controls
      Working with Digital Water Colors
      Using Liquid Inks
      Making Liquid Inks Three-Dimensional
      Chapter 12.  Working with Text
      Applying Text
      Modifying Text
      Reshaping Text
      Using the Bevel World Plug-In
      Chapter 13.  Working with Photos and Effects
      Adjusting Photo Size and Resolution
      Adjusting the Brightness and Contrast of an Image
      Using Photo Brushes
      Working with Photo Effects
      Creating a Sketch from a Photo
      Creating a Woodcut
      Working with Blobs
      Using the Image Warp Effect
      Using Motion Blur
      Creating a Negative Image
      Chapter 14.  Cloning
      Cloning a New Document
      Cloning an Existing Document
      Automatic Cloning
    Part IV:  Discovering Painter Tools
      Chapter 15.  Working with Scripts
      Using the Scripts Palette
      Recording and Playing Scripts with Different Brushes
      Chapter 16.  Working with Web Features
      Using Web-Safe Colors
      Creating Tiled Web-Page Backgrounds
      Creating an Image Map
      Assigning Links to Image Map Slices
      Creating Web Animations
      Chapter 17.  Working with the Image Hose
      Using the Image Hose
      Changing Nozzles
      Creating Nozzles
      Adjusting Image Hose Settings
      Chapter 18.  Working with Paper
      Selecting Paper Textures
      Adjusting Paper Properties
      Creating Paper
    Appendix A.  Brushes and Variants
      Colored Pencils
      Digital Water Color
      Felt Pens
      Liquid Ink
      Oil Pastels
      Palette Knives
      Pattern Pens
      Water Color
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