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microsoft expression web for dummies
Microsoft Expression Web For Dummies
byLinda HeffermanandAsha Dornfest
John Wiley & Sons 2007 (404 pages)

Providing tools for beginners and Web design pros alike, this plain-English book offers explanations of how to create Web pages, and shortcuts to make tasks like using style sheets and complying with Web standards easy.

Table of Contents
Microsoft Expression Web for Dummies
Part I - Getting Started with Expression Web
Chapter 1 - Creating a Web Site with Expression Web
Chapter 2 - Working with Web Pages
Part II - Coaxing Content onto the Page
Chapter 3 - Just the Text, Ma'am
Chapter 4 - Getting Around with Hyperlinks
Chapter 5 - Graphically Speaking
Chapter 6 - Forms for Any Purpose
Part III - Great Design Doesn't Have to Be Difficult
Chapter 7 - Using Styles to Gussy Up Your Content
Chapter 8 - Putting Page Elements in Their Place
Chapter 9 - External Style Sheets and CSS Code
Chapter 10 - Tables for Data (And Layout, If You Must)
Chapter 11 - Streamlining Sites with Dynamic Web Templates
Part IV - Going Live and Keeping House
Chapter 12 - Making Your Worldwide Debut
Chapter 13 - Web Site Management
Chapter 14 - Getting Cozy with Code
Part V - The Part of Tens
Chapter 15 - Ten Cool Gizmos for Your Web Site
Chapter 16 - Ten Essential Resources for Web Designers
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Covers tools for beginners and Web design pros

Create and maintain dynamic Web sites that express your personality!

Expression Web is Microsoft's latest program for designing attractive, easy-to-navigate Web sites. Design beginners will love this book's plain-English explanations on how to set up a new site and create Web pages. Design pros will benefit from shortcuts showing how Expression Web makes tasks like using style sheets and complying with Web standards a breeze.

  • Work with text, hyperlinks, and graphics
  • Use templates to streamline your site
  • Tweak your pages with CSS and HTML
  • Publish your site on the Internet
  • Back up and move your site

About the Authors

Since 1989, Linda Hefferman has been explaining technical stuff to everyday people who use technology but are not exactly best buddies with their computers.

Her first computer manual taught people how to make pretty graphs and charts from project management data using a software program written for the first version of Microsoft Windows. Since then she has written help systems and user manuals on such diverse products as Web stores, Flash-based educational Web sites, and customer management software for cosmetic salespeople.

This is her first title for the For Dummies series, and she's thrilled to combine her passion for writing with her technical skills to do what she loves best: help the average Joe and Jane feel comfortable and confident on computers.

On her first day of college, Asha Dornfest took a bold step: She replaced her broken typewriter with a PC.

Asha didn't consider herself a geek; her computer was simply a tool to help her write papers and reports. But by her senior year, she came to regard her computer with a sense of kinship.

In 1994, Asha discovered the Internet. Soon after, she and her husband Rael started a Web design business in their dining room and began hawking their electronic wares. Mind you, this venture began during the Web-publishing Stone Age, when many people had never even heard of the World Wide Web. Rael quipped that For Dummies books about Web publishing may one day hit the shelves. Asha scoffed.

Rael obviously had more foresight than Asha did; Asha went on to write several books and articles on the topic, including Microsoft FrontPage For Dummies. She now spends an inordinate amount of time online-she's the founder and editor of the popular parenting Weblog Parent Hacks.