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mastering dreamweaver mx databases
Mastering Dreamweaver MX Databases
by Susan Sales Harkins, Bryan Chamberlain and Darren McGee  ISBN:078214148X
Sybex © 2003 (707 pages)

This book provides in-depth instruction and tutorials for designers and developers looking to create data-driven web pages with Dreamweaver MX, covering major databases, languages, and development platforms, including Access, SQL Server, MySQL, and more.

Table of Contents
Mastering Dreamweaver MX Databases
Part I - Data-Driven Web Pages
Chapter 1 - An Introduction to the Data-Driven World
Chapter 2 - An Introduction to Dreamweaver MX
Chapter 3 - Coding Practices for Dreamweaver Development
Chapter 4 - An Introduction to HTML Forms
Part II - The Databases
Chapter 5 - Designing the Database
Chapter 6 - Oracle and the Web
Chapter 7 - MySQL and the Web
Chapter 8 - SQL Server and the Web
Chapter 9 - Microsoft Access and the Web
Part III - Paving the Way—The Languages
Chapter 10 - Connections and Scripting
Chapter 11 - ColdFusion and Dreamweaver MX
Chapter 12 - JavaServer Pages
Chapter 13 - Active Server Pages
Chapter 14 - Dreamweaver and ASP.NET
Chapter 15 - ADO.NET
Chapter 16 - PHP and Dreamweaver MX
Chapter 17 - Database and System Security for the Internet
Part IV - Using and Manipulating the Data
Chapter 18 - Structured Query Language
Chapter 19 - Getting the Data
Chapter 20 - Building Update Forms
Chapter 21 -   Building Master/Detail Page Sets
Chapter 22 - Searching with Dreamweaver MX
Chapter 23 - Using Templates
Chapter 24 - Dreamweaver MX Add-Ins
Datatypes and Functions Compared
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List of Tables
List of Code Examples
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Harness the power of Dreamweaver MX to build dynamic, database-driven websites. Mastering Dreamweaver MX Databases equips you with all the coding and database skills you’ll need. You’ll find focused coverage of key Dreamweaver MX features, plus highly practical instruction relating to the most important scripting languages and databases supported by Dreamweaver MX.

Coverage Includes

  • Creating ASP, JSP, ColdFusion, ASP.NET and PHP pages
  • Connecting to SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, access, and other ODBC databases
  • Capturing, storing, retrieving, and updating data
  • Choosing the language and database combination that’s right for your purpose
  • Mastering the Dreamweaver MX data view, insert, and update features
  • Creating recordsets and queries in Dreamweaver MX-supported languages and databases
  • Securing your site and database using Dreamweaver MX features and best practices
  • Designing pages using live data from your database with Dreamweaver’s Live Data view
  • Saving time using master/detail forms and templates
  • Creating search pages for your database
  • Using the extensions available to Dreamweaver MX to aid database development

About the Authors

Susan Sales Harkins is the best-selling author of the three database books. She was formerly Editor-in-Chief at The Cobb Group.

As an art director and developer, Bryan Chamberlain has more than 20 years experience on both sides of the web development fence.

Darren McGee has nearly 20 years of experience in the computing world, ranging from programming and systems design to writing and training. He is CEO of helpmedia, a Louisville-based consulting and development company.