Appendix B. Useful Sites and Software

Appendix B. Useful Sites and Software

Since feeds are technologies born of the Web, it isn't a surprise that a great deal of good information can be gleaned with your browser. This appendix will give you links to some excellent resources, including client software.

    B.1. Uber Resources

    Because of the rapidly changing RSS and Atom landscape, it's hard to provide links that will remain useful over the lifetime of the rest of the book. For the very latest, you should look at (and subscribe to) the following categories within I regularly update these categories myself, and they're always on the cutting edge notwithstanding. RSS Atom Syndication

      B.2. Specification Documents

      The RSS 1.0 specification

      The RSS 2.0 specification

      The Atom development wiki

      The Atom 0.3 specification

      The RSS 1.0 modules known to the working group

        B.3. Mailing Lists

        rss-dev: the RSS 1.0 Interest Group list

        Syndication: a general list for RSS matters

        The Atom syntax mailing list

        Syndic8: a list for Syndic8 support matters

        RSS2 Support: support for RSS 2.0 matters

        Aggregators: a list for discussion of aggregator software

          B.4. Validators

          Online validators can check to ensure your feeds are correctly formed:

          The most up-to-date validator, for both Atom and RSS

          Leigh Dodd's experimental RSS 1.0 validator

          Userland Software's RSS validator

          The W3C's RDF validator

            B.5. Desktop Readers


            Aggie: a .NET-based application for reading RSS files. Open source, for Windows and Linux-with-Mono.


            AmphetaDesk: a Perl-based desktop reader that runs in the browser. Windows, Linux, and Mac OS versions available.


            BottomFeeder: a Smalltalk desktop RSS Reader. Open source, runs on Windows, Mac, and various Unix flavors.


            Carmen's Headline Viewer: a shareware news reader client for Windows.


            FeedReader: a freeware application for Windows.


            Fetch: an "Enterprise RSS" client and server system, for internal corporate messaging and information flow.


            Friday: a Java frontend for viewing news aggregation sites and site syndication feeds on mobile devices.


            fyuze: acts as a personal news portal for searching, sorting, and sifting daily news from RSS feeds.


            Hotsheet: a Java-based desktop news reader. Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and anything else with a Java Virtual Machine.


            InfoSnorkel News Aggregator: a Windows application that aggregates RSS feeds, plus content from sites without feeds.


            JERSS: allows seamless integration of RSS news feeds into web sites. It is a Java servlet generating JavaScript objects the web author can manipulate.


            Klipfolio: a Windows-based desktop news reader. Reads simple XML files that point to RSS feeds.


            MulleNewz: a Mac OS X docking RSS reader.


            MyHeadlines: a content syndication search engine and news reader that can be integrated into a web site running PHP and MySQL.


            myRadio: an extension to Radio Userland aggregation from RSS to any data source, including XML, HTML, and SOAP.


            NetNewsWire: an OS X desktop RSS reader. My personal favorite.


            NewsIsFree: a directory of feeds that also allows for personalized news pages.


            Novobot: a heavily featured desktop news reader that can also scrape non-RSS'd sites.


            Pineapple: a web site news aggregator for Mac OS X.


            PocketFeed: an RSS/RDF news aggregator that runs on Pocket PC 2002 PDAs.


            Radio Userland: a news aggregator included with a weblog software application for Mac and Windows platforms.


            Raissa: a headline and news reader for Newton MessagePad.


            Reptile: a P2P project, with RSS reading.


            RSS Viewer: a Java-based, open source RSS reader.


            Slashdock: a simple Mac OS X application that fetches and updates headlines for the latest postings on Slashdot-compatible sites and RSS-compatible sites.


            Straw: a desktop news aggregator for the GNOME environment, with project information, news, and downloads.


            Tinderbox: a Mac OS feed reader.