List of Outputs

Chapter 4: SAS Language Elements

Output 4.1: The CALL Routine Example
Output 4.2: The Function Example
Output 4.3: SAS Debugging Output
Output 4.4: Restricted Option Information
Output 4.5: Option Value Information for the System Option CENTER
Output 4.6: Descriptive Information for the System Option CENTER

Chapter 5: SAS Variables

Output 5.1: Automatic Variable Type Conversions (partial SAS log)
Output 5.2: Output from the PRINT Procedure
Output 5.3: Using the TRUNC Function

Chapter 6: Missing Values

Output 6.1: Output with Multiple Missing Values
Output 6.2: SAS Log Results for a Missing Value
Output 6.3: SAS Log Results for a Missing Value in a Statistic Function

Chapter 7: Expressions

Output 7.1: Log Results from an Error Caused by a Time Literal Misinterpretation

Chapter 8: Dates, Times, and Intervals

Output 8.1: Output from The Previous DATA Step Showing 4-Digit Years That Result from Setting YEARCUTOFF= to 1920
Output 8.2: Datetime, Date and Time Values for 86399
Output 8.3: Calculated Date Values: When to Send Mail
Output 8.4: Output from the PRINT Procedure

Chapter 9: Error Processing and Debugging

Output 9.1: SAS Log: Syntax Error ( misspelled key word)
Output 9.2: SAS Log: Syntax Error (missing semicolon)
Output 9.3: SAS Log: Semantic Error (illegal reference to an array)
Output 9.4: SAS Log: Semantic Error (libref not previously assigned)
Output 9.5: SAS Log: Execution-Time Error (division by 0)
Output 9.6: SAS Listing Output: Execution-Time Error (division by 0)
Output 9.7: SAS Log: Execution-Time Error (subscript out of range)
Output 9.8: SAS Log: Data Error
Output 9.9: SAS Listing Output: Data Error
Output 9.10: SAS Log: Multiple Program Errors

Chapter 10: SAS Output

Output 10.1: Sample SAS Log
Output 10.2: Listing Output
Output 10.3: XML Output file

Chapter 13: Optimizing System Performance

Output 13.1: Sample Results of Using the FULLSTIMER Option in a UNIX Operating Environment
Output 13.2: Sample Results of Using the STIMER Option in a UNIX Operating Environment
Output 13.3: Output From the LIBNAME Statement

Chapter 15: Monitoring Performance Using Application Response Measurement (ARM)

Output 15.1: ARM Log (SAS 9 or Later Format)
Output 15.2: ARM Log

Chapter 20: DATA Step Processing

Output 20.1: Output from the Walkthrough DATA Step
Output 20.2: Multiple Input Files in Instream Data
Output 20.3: Sample of a Customized Report

Chapter 21: Reading Raw Data

Output 21.1: Output from Example with Format Modifiers
Output 21.2: Output of Data with Special Missing Numeric Values

Chapter 22: BY-Group Processing in the DATA Step

Output 22.1: Partial SAS Log Showing the Results of Processing with BY Variables
Output 22.2: Output from Conditional BY-Group Processing

Chapter 23: Reading, Combining, and Modifying SAS Data Sets

Output 23.1: Concatenated Data Sets (DATA Step)
Output 23.2: Concatenated Tables (SQL)
Output 23.3: Interleaved Data Sets
Output 23.4: Interleaved Data Sets with Duplicate Values of the BY Variable
Output 23.5: Interleaving Data Sets with Different BY Values
Output 23.6: Data Set Created from Two Data Sets That Have Equal Observations
Output 23.7: Merged Data Sets That Have an Equal Number of Observations
Output 23.8: Merged Data Sets That Have an Unequal Number of Observations
Output 23.9: Undesirable Results with Duplicate Values of Common Variables
Output 23.10: Undesirable Results with Different Values of Common Variables
Output 23.11: Data Sets Combined by Match-Merging
Output 23.12: Match-Merged Data Set with Duplicate BY Values
Output 23.13: Match-Merged Data Set with Nonmatched Observations
Output 23.14: Master Data Set Updated by Transaction Data Set
Output 23.15: Updating Data Sets with Duplicate BY Values
Output 23.16: Results of Updating with New Variables, Nonmatched Observations, and Missing Values
Output 23.17: Results of Updating with the UPDATEMODE Option
Output 23.18: Modified MASTER Data Set

Chapter 24: Using DATA Step Component Objects

Output 24.1: Data Set Created from the Hash Object
Output 24.2: Messier Objects Greater than 12, Sorted by Right Ascension Values

Chapter 25: Array Processing

Output 25.1: Using an Array Statement to Process Missing Data Values
Output 25.2: Using a Multidimensional Array
Output 25.3: Using Character Variables in an Array
Output 25.4: Assigning Initial Values to the Elements of an Array
Output 25.5: Using _TEMPORARY_ Arrays
Output 25.6: Output From Using a _NUMERIC_ Variable List

Chapter 28: SAS Data Files

Output 28.1: PROC CONTENTS Listing for Data File MYLIB.SALES
Output 28.2: Updated Data in MYLIB.SALES.AUDIT
Output 28.3: Contents of MYLIB.SALES.AUDIT After an Update with Integrity Constraints
Output 28.4: Rejected Records on the Audit Trail
Output 28.5: PROC CONTENTS Output Showing Primary Key and Referential Integrity Constraints
Output 28.6: Output of PROC CONTENTS
Output 28.7: SAS Log Output When Compression Request is Disabled

Chapter 30: Stored Compiled DATA Step Programs

Output 30.1: Partial SAS Log Identifying the Stored DATA Step Program
Output 30.2: Partial SAS Log Showing the Source Code Generated by the DESCRIBE
Output 30.3: Partial SAS Log Identifying the Redirected Output File
Output 30.4: Quality Control Application Output

Chapter 31: DICTIONARY Tables

Output 31.1: Result of the PROC SQL Subsetting WHERE Statement

Chapter 34: Processing Data Using Cross-Environment Data Access (CEDA)

Output 34.1: CONTENTS Output Showing Data Representation
Output 34.2: Log Output from Processing a Foreign File

Chapter 38: SAS File Management

Output 38.1: Output of CONTENTS Procedure

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