Sharing Windows 2000 Resources with NetWare Clients

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Now that you've learned all about accessing Novell NetWare resources from a Windows 2000–based environment and network, you need to know the other side of the story—how to access Windows 2000 Server resources from NetWare clients and servers. Microsoft provides a separate add-on package called Microsoft Services for NetWare, which consists of File and Print Services for NetWare (FPNW) and Directory Service Manager for NetWare (DSMN).

FPNW allows administrators of NetWare 4.x and earlier (in bindery emulation mode only) to integrate Windows 2000 Server into their NetWare network. It emulates a NetWare server, enabling a Windows 2000 Server running this service to integrate into an existing NetWare-based network with no changes to the NetWare clients. NetWare clients do not know that they are accessing an FPNW-enabled Windows 2000 Server.

Administrators working with networks through the NetWare bindery (version 4.x and earlier) can have a difficult time because they have to manage each server and its users separately from the rest of their servers. But using Windows 2000 and DSMN, they can manage multiple environments while maintaining only a single user account and associated password for each end user on the network.

Administrators simplify the task of controlling their mixed Windows 2000 and NetWare environments by using Windows 2000 Active Directory. DSMN copies the NetWare user accounts to Active Directory and then propagates any changes back to the NetWare server, all without the need to install any software on the NetWare servers.

More information on Microsoft Services for NetWare can be found on the Microsoft Web site at

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