Reinstalling IIS

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Windows Small Business Server 2003 is much more than the sum of its parts—it is a synthesis of many discrete features. This is especially true with regard to IIS, which is closely integrated with Windows SharePoint Services, the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine, Exchange Server, Routing and Remote Access, client deployment, remote access, and even Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server.

The downside to this high level of integration is that fixing things can be a delicate operation. If IIS, Windows SharePoint Services, or a related product becomes corrupted, do some research on the Microsoft Knowledge Base and the Windows Small Business Server newsgroups, and contact Microsoft Product Support, if necessary. Before attempting to fix things, make a current backup, save your IIS configuration to a file, and try creating a duplicate Web site to experiment with.

If your problems persist, here’s a last-ditch approach you can attempt before resorting to a complete reinstall or restore from backup. Proceed with caution.

  1. Launch Windows Small Business Server Setup by selecting it in the Add Or Remove Programs tool and clicking Change/Remove.

  2. Use the Microsoft Window Small Business Server Setup Wizard to remove intranet support.

  3. Use Add Or Remove Programs to uninstall Microsoft Window SharePoint Services 2.0 and, possibly, uninstall Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Edition. It will appear in the Add Or Remove Programs list as Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Edition (SHAREPOINT).


    If the automatic uninstall doesn’t work, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 320873 for the lengthy procedure to manually uninstall Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Edition.

  4. Open the Server Management console, expand Advanced Management, Internet Information Services, and then expand your server (local computer). Expand the Web Sites container, select companyweb, and click Delete.

  5. Open Registry Editor, export the following keys to backup files, and then delete them:




    Editing the registry can cause serious damage to your Windows Small Business Server software installation, which might be fixable only by reinstalling Windows Small Business Server. Use extreme caution.

  6. Open Windows Explorer and delete C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$SHAREPOINT folder. (You might have to reboot into Safe Mode to do this.)

  7. Reboot the computer and use Windows Small Business Server Setup to reinstall the intranet feature.

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