What You ve Learned

What You've Learned

  • Shooting and editing are interwoven, and they work together to make videos.

  • Connect your camcorder to your Mac with a 4-pin-to-6-pin FireWire cable.

  • Use the camera/scissors toggle switch to move from controlling a camcorderfor importing or just playingto manipulating shots within iMovie.

  • When your camcorder is in playback mode, you can control it from inside iMovieplaying, rewinding, and reviewing using the shuttle controls.

  • When you want to move video from a tape in the camcorder into iMovie, click Import. The resulting clip or clips will end up in the Clip pane.

  • You need to shoot at least two different angles on any action you are videotaping if you intend to edit it. This material is called coverage.

  • The two angles should have a special relationship to each otherclose-up/far off, in front/behind, someone looking at something/the object they are looking at.

  • With even a minimum of coverage, you can use basic editing techniques to build a small story in iMovie.

  • Command-T chops up bits of raw material in the Clip pane.

  • Drag clips to the workspace to arrange them in the order you want.

  • Use the Trim tool to extend or shorten shots in the timeline.

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